Why Eddie’s Death Was Inevitable and Predictable in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2?

Why Eddie’s Death Was Inevitable and Predictable in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2?

This year’s Stranger Things season was epic in every way possible. All the aspects of the season were top-notch, especially the new characters that were introduced. Eddie Munson, out of all the new characters, quickly became the most beloved and the one who made us cry the most. In the fourth season of Stranger Things, Eddie did not have a great start, with many believing he killed Chrissy.

But as the story went forward and the audience got to know Eddie, they could not help but fall in love with him. And his death in the season’s finale hit us all like a bag full of bricks. However, was his death a surprise at all?

Let us try to figure out if the hero Eddie Munson’s death was in the stars all along or not.

Was Eddie supposed to die in Stranger Things?

There has never been more empathy towards a new character than people have had for Eddie. Eddie was the misunderstood guy in Stranger Things that people fell in love with and mourned intensely when he died.

But if you think about it, Eddie was destined to die from the very beginning.

The cast of the show announced the death of a major character well before the premiere of volume 2. While many thought it would be Steve, it was probable for King of Babysitters not to die.

Steve is a major character who still has a lot to give to the story. He has ongoing parallels with Robin and even Nany. So for the Duffer Brothers to kill Steve would’ve been suicide.

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This leaves only one character who has the same amount of fandom but not the same kind of impact left on the story, i.e., Eddie Munson. Eddie’s death, while tragic, was necessary for his character’s arc.

Eddie was a guy who was afraid from the beginning of the series, and his whole character had to go through a series of events from him to gain courage, “I didn’t run away this time, right?”

Also, going on to Stranger Things 5, Eddie’s character had no real purpose left.

His guilt and remorse for Chrissy’s death could not be continued for another season after he made the huge gesture of dedicating his amazing solo to her. So for Eddie, death was the most appropriate step for his character as it was the final heroic act from him.

What do you guys think? Was Eddie’s death necessary? Share your answers with us in the comments.

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