“I am attracted to strong..” – Millie Bobby Brown Reveals How She Chooses Roles for Herself

“I am attracted to strong..” – Millie Bobby Brown Reveals How She Chooses Roles for Herself

In her short career, Millie Bobby Brown has played many roles. The teen started out as a child actor before getting her big break in Stranger Things. She burst onto the scene as the telekinetic girl, Eleven. That was only the beginning for Brown, as she would go on to play many more memorable characters. 

Despite the various roles she has picked so far, one thing is always consistent. Almost all her characters are strong women. She has never quite played the damsel in distress. Here’s an old interview of the actress explaining her choice of roles. 

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Millie Bobby Brown enjoys playing strong characters

Brown accompanied her fellow co-star Vera Fermiga and Kyle Chandler during the Godzilla: King of the Monsters promotions. During her interview with E! Online, the star was asked about her role in the movie and about her character in the flick. Millie Bobby Brown revealed that her picks are mostly strong female lead roles because she’s attracted to women that demand attention. 

“I’m attracted to strong female leads and working with strong female leads,” she explained. Her character in the movie evolves with time and learns to become stronger in the face of fear. We have seen this in all of Millie’s characters, from Eleven to Enola. Her characters make their own path despite making mistakes along the way. 

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But does this mean Brown will never partake in a fun teen comedy film? The Enola Holmes star doesn’t care about the genre of the film or series as long as the characters she is playing aren’t meek and don’t evolve. The starlet doesn’t wish to box herself in. So there’s a chance we might see her play a fun character in the future!

Despite her affinity for strong female leads, the actress confessed that she isn’t a girl boss in real life. She’s rather shy on movie sets, like it’s her first day in school.

We believe that if she can call out bullies during an award speech, she’s a girl boss. What do you think? 


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