When Millie Bobby Brown Called ‘Enola Holmes’ Co-star Helena Bonham Carter A “Legend”

When Millie Bobby Brown Called ‘Enola Holmes’ Co-star Helena Bonham Carter A “Legend”

The 14-year-old sister of Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes, Enola, is the main character of the 2020 mystery film. Enola Holmes presents Millie Bobby Brown as the titular character who ventures on a journey to find her mother. One day, Eudoria leaves her daughter with mysteries to unveil truths. And Enola uses her sleuthing skills to outsmart people in her way, which she learned from her mother all her life. Apart from the on-screen chemistry, both the actresses have spent a great deal of time together and have grown close. So much that the young celebrity once called Helena Bonham Carter a legend.

Millie Bobby Brown has a beautiful connection with Helena Bonham Carter 

In the 2020 Skip Intro podcast show, Millie Bobby Brown sat down with Krista Smith to talk about her movie Enola Holmes. The host asked her about the co-star Helena, who played the role of her mother in the film.

In her response, Millie stated how they both got along on the set and she got the motherly vibe from her. Moreover, the Stranger Things star added that they used to laugh all the time and she felt comfortable with Helena.

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Their beautiful chemistry led to much improvisation in the scenes because The King’s Speech star inspired her. “She is just a legend really and as a person, she is an amazing person I loved working with her,” explained Millie.

Viewers will get to see more of Eudoria mysteries in Enola Holmes 2 

As we saw in the first movie, Eudoria is an intelligent character who runs a secret society that includes only women. However, her mysteries were not disclosed, and we only met her briefly at the end of the movie. Now that Enola Holmes is coming back to fans, the images reveal that mother and daughter back together.

Enola will be seen opening her detective agency and discovering the sinister secrets of London in the upcoming sequel. The Emmy-winning actress Helena Carter is known for her blockbuster roles as a woman of eccentric fashion and dark aesthetic, including her astounding performance in the Harry Potter franchise as Bellatrix Lestrange.

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