“I love working with women” – When Millie Bobby Brown Opened Up About What She Felt While Walking On ‘Enola Holmes’ Set

“I love working with women” – When Millie Bobby Brown Opened Up About What She Felt While Walking On ‘Enola Holmes’ Set

Starring Millie Bobby Brown, Enola Holmes is a mystery film based on the works of Nancy Springer. The actress has played an extremely intelligent, observant, and insightful titular character. After the first installment’s release, the movie received a positive response from viewers and critics, and Millie was praised for bringing an effusive spontaneity to the character’s actions. But the praises were not what made her experience with Enola Holmes special.

Millie debuted into the world of creation by contributing as the executive producer of the film. She is also going to star in the sequel of the Netflix Original. But a sequel and being the executive producer was not the only thing that excited the actress about the film. Instead, it was her experience on the sets, especially the time she spent shooting with women at the sets.

Millie Bobby Brown was inspired by the contribution of women in Enola Holmes

In a 2020 podcast interview with Krista Smith, Millie Bobby Brown talked about her exciting detective movie. During the conversation, the host asked Brown about how she felt surrounded by a team of accomplished women because many women produced the film, including Mary Parent, Ali Mendes, Paige Brown, and herself.

The Stranger Things star explained that she has always felt inspired by women around her. And she is amazed by the potential, intelligence, and energy they put into their work. Enola Holmes‘ set was empowering because they appreciated her contribution as an actor and producer.

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“I love working with women and personally, on this set, I took away that just because I’m a young girl doesn’t mean I can’t be listened to,” said the British star.


Moreover, Brown praised Mendes for how she managed to come on the set daily and take care of her baby too. These living examples made her realize that her voice is important no matter what her age is. Furthermore, the actress revealed that she had an amazing time working with this force of women from cast to crew members. Venturing on London roads, recklessly jumping, and learning new things in the movie is something she took away from her experience with Enola Holmes.

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