How Millie Bobby Brown Once Pulled Off One of Those ‘Stranger Things’ Involving K-Pop Biggie BTS

How Millie Bobby Brown Once Pulled Off One of Those ‘Stranger Things’ Involving K-Pop Biggie BTS

Pop culture. What a fascinating spectacle! It unites people and also has the potential to divide them. At times, we forget how massive the pop culture blanket really is, especially for music. Look at the genre K-Pop as an example. In the last few years, that category of music has attracted a lot of teenage fans from all over the world. Additionally, the poster boys of K-pop, the all boy band BTS or the Bangtan Boys have become a pop culture phenomena themselves. Despite that, they somehow remained elusive to our very own Millie Bobby Brown.

Today, the Stranger Things actress has an amusing anecdote about how she discovered BTS about four years ago. Millie managed to shock her massive fan following when she disclosed her take on the Korean Band that took the world by storm. Let us find out what happened.

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Millie Bobby Brown surprised the world with a revelation about BTS

Back in 2018, Millie Bobby Brown was riding the high of Stranger Things’ massive success that continues even today. With two outstanding seasons of the show out, Brown had become a household name. In May of that year, Brown did a Live Q & A session with her fans on Instagram. It was an open platform for her followers to interact with her.

One crowd pleasing question that absolutely stumped the Enola Holmes actress was about BTS. When asked if she knew of and was a fan of the popular K-Pop band, Millie seemed extremely confused. She even seemed oblivious to the term K-Pop. In fact, the actor even mistook the context of the acronym. “Is BTS behind the scenes?” inquired Brown.

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Millie uncovered they were a band when she finally looked it up. On a closer look, she even recognised the band. “Oh, they’re THAT band,” exclaimed Millie, she finally connecting the dots. Perhaps she had heard of the music group but was unfamiliar with the name. It is amazing how colossal the pop-culture catalogue is that there exists a teenager who didn’t know of BTS.

Well, who knows? Perhaps she discovered them in the live session and has since become a fan herself. Will this may or may not be true, it is always a delight to speculate about our favorite stars. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, you can see Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things streaming on Netflix performing against the backdrop of 80s music.

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