Millie Bobby Brown AKA Queen of Monsters Once Revealed Who Is Scarier – Demogorgan or Godzilla

Millie Bobby Brown AKA Queen of Monsters Once Revealed Who Is Scarier – Demogorgan or Godzilla

Before gaining global acclaim for dealing with dungeons and Demogorgon, Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown was known for yet another creature feature, Godzilla: King of Monsters. The star played the role of Madison Russell, the main human character tied to Godzilla’s storyline. Before smashing away the Demogorgon in the hit sci-fi thriller series, her character surprisingly had an understanding relationship with the monsters.

However, it wasn’t the same with Millie as an actor. Although Madison had a peculiar bond with the Godzilla, the actress herself was not of the same opinion. In an interview, Millie made a pick between Demogorgans and Godzilla for who is scarier. Here’s what she picked.

Millie Bobby Brown makes a choice between Godzillas and Demogorgons

The star happened to be at EW’s comic-con event in San Diego, where she answered an interesting question. When asked which is scarier between Godzilla and Demogorgon for her, the star headed on to choose Godzilla. “I think he’s scary but I don’t think he is for Madison,” said the Monster Queen. Although her character as Madison was brought up not to be afraid of any monster, Millie herself was a bit scared during the shoot.

However, for the Demogorgon part, Millie left us all shocked with her answers. In contrast to the gut-punching scenes of the Stranger Things franchise, Millie finds the Demogorgon “pretty chill.” To which, her Godzilla co-star Thomas Middleditch added, “They are known for their chillness.

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As per her answers and the way she deals with the creatures on screen, they now call the global teen sensation Millie Bobby Brown, The Monster Queen. The star is just at the initial stages of her filming career, indicating there are yet other marvelous creature features to come.

Apart from such fiction-loaded storylines, the star is also quite good at movie adaptations and adventurous series. For instance, her Enola Holmes, which is all set to land with a second installment is on the horizon already.

What do you think about Millie and her genres? Do you wish for more of such sort? Do let us know in the comments below.

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