Why Julia Garner’s ‘Waco’ Should Be on Your Watch List if You Love True Crime Drama Series

Why Julia Garner’s ‘Waco’ Should Be on Your Watch List if You Love True Crime Drama Series

There are several reasons why Waco is worthwhile. The limited series provides a rather balanced look at why authorities called in the military to deal with a cult. With only six episodes, Waco is an excellent weekend viewing. But there’s just one reason to binge-watch Waco, and her name is Julia Garner. Garner once again demonstrates that no matter what part she takes on, she is an unstoppable force of acting brilliance.

Even though the show includes huge names such as Michael Shannon, Taylor Kitsch, and Melissa Benoist, it is Julia who steals the show from every single one of them and makes the show worth your time.

Julia Garner transitions herself from Ozark’s Ruth to Waco’s Michelle

Paramount Network’s Waco (2018) is simply one of Garner’s many outstanding performances. In 2017, a full year before the debut of Waco, she was already swearing and taking names as Ozark’s Ruth Langmore. Garner, on the other hand, reveals a whole different side of herself to fans of the actor who may be new to this limited series.

Unlike Ruth, Garner’s portrayal of Michelle Jones in Waco is a concentrated power in these short moments of tenderness. Michelle isn’t cynical or self-centered. She’s a young woman who genuinely cares about her friends and family, even members of the cult she’s been a part of since infancy. She later discovers that not everyone in her life is as devoted to her as she is. You can see this when Michelle confronts her sister Rachel (Melissa Benoist), questioning why she agreed with David Koresh’s (Taylor Kitsch) prophecy that he would “marry” Michelle when he was twelve.

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Michelle is a young lady on the verge of actually living, a young woman who has only recently begun to comprehend the precise ways her sister sold her innocence and the life she should have had.

Rory Culkin’s David Thibodeau may be the audience’s window into this terrible cult, but Garner’s Michelle is its beating heart. Even in the face of many betrayals, she maintains her optimism and loving attitude. Michelle’s relentless generosity amid so much suffering could have easily become cloying. But it never occurs with Garner’s deft touch. Michelle, even at her worst, embodies the best that individuals have to give. Garner continues to nail that intricacy time and time again, making her a magnet for unique roles.

What is Waco about?

The 1993 standoff at Waco, Texas, will go down in history as one of the most infamous killings in American history. The ATF, FBI, and police officers faced off against the religious sect known as the Branch Davidians, led by David Koresh, an armed group residing in an isolated ranch outside Waco who believed in the impending apocalypse.

Waco deals with the circumstances that led up to the disastrous attempted siege of the complex and the unbearably stressful 51 days that followed, resulting in the deaths of 76 members, including dozens of children.

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Waco is currently available on ParamountPlus. After the thrilling end of Ozark and Julia’s amazing performance, it surely makes Waco a compulsory watch for all Julia Garner fans until her new project rolls in.

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