Watch: Julia Garner “Switch It Up” as She Portrays Ruth Langmore and Anna Sorokin in the Most Peculiar Ways Possible

Watch: Julia Garner “Switch It Up” as She Portrays Ruth Langmore and Anna Sorokin in the Most Peculiar Ways Possible

There are no questions about the amount of recognition and love Netflix’s Ozark received this year. All of it was possible only due to the unbelievable coordination and teamwork of the stunning line of cast and crew. The stars who were leading characters of the show have taken it to an impossible level of perfection and have set the bar too high for any other crime drama thriller to be at par with them. One of such marvelous faces was the winner of two Emmys, Julia Garner, aka Ruth Langmore. But the farewell to Ozark wasn’t the end for her fans to get a glimpse of her outstanding performance.

Here’s something that’ll truly tell you what a brilliant actor Julia is!

The absolutely stunning chop and change of characters by Julia Garner left the audience elated

In a recent Jimmy Kimmel video on YouTube, Garner was seen in an interview with Dana Carvy who brought out the absolute best of her in front of her fans live. She was asked to switch her roles between two of her very own characters, Ruth Langmore from Ozark and Anna Delvy from Inventing Anna. And no wonder, it left us all jaw dropped on seeing how smoothly she did the requisite.

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She played Ruth’s script as Anna and delivered one of the unforgettable dialogues of the last episodes of the season. Soon after that, she played Anna with Ruth’s cutthroat personality while keeping intact the Bronk’s accent of America. On being asked about a showdown between these two characters, Julia instantly rooted for Ruth as she grew up in one such WILD environment and hence would certainly know what to do.

Ruth Langmore’s death was undoubtedly the hardest part of getting over Ozark

Given the dynamics of her character, with that lowkey sensitivity of a powerful woman and the fierce lead of the family who’d do anything for the person she loved the most, she really deserved to make it out alive.

It’d feel forever difficult to get over Ruth’s helpless but much-anticipated death in the Ozarks. The show’s conclusion would have been much more wholesome if we had Ruth. After all, throughout the show, we didn’t see her as anything less than a family to the Byrdes.

Did you like Julia in Ozark or Inventing Anna? Share your answer with us in the comments. Both the shows are currently streaming on Netflix.

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