Julia Garner Begins Filming of Her Upcoming Movie ‘The Royal Hotel’

Julia Garner Begins Filming of Her Upcoming Movie ‘The Royal Hotel’

The Emmy award-winning crime and thriller series Ozark landed us with a brilliant line of cast, out of which one was Julia Garner. The star was one of the series’s key players, identified as the tough, sharp-tongued blonde head, Ruth Langmore. After which, we again see the flourishing actress in a drama series, Inventing Anna, based on a real-life story. Rumors have been in the air about her playing as Madonna in her upcoming biopic.

Such a powerful and dignified actress can never be restricted within television network series alone. Therefore the star has decided to turn towards Hollywood once again after her latest movie, The Assistant. Let us have an insight into Julia’s upcoming movie following her television big hits.

Julia Garner currently in works with Matrix stars for The Royal Hotel

Giving us an implicit hint through her Instagram post, Julia shared the warm commencement of the movie at the beginning of the fall of 2022. Standing against the mellow sun rays on a beach and with kangaroos in the caption, Garner confirmed the team’s presence in Australia for the shoot.

The Royal Hotel is already coming in with a bash since Matrix stars Jessica Henwick and Hugo Weaving have joined her for the project. The movie is being produced by the same team who was behind the Academy Award winner, The Power of the Dog.

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The synopsis and major theme of the movie

The movie is reportedly a social thriller by Kitty Green, who has also been an Emmy Award winner like Garner. It is about two best friends, Hanna (Julia) and Liv (Henwick), who happen to go on a tour in Australia. Behind the bar at The Royal Hotel’s tavern, Hanna takes up a live-in job as convinced by Liv. With a youngblood looking up for more adventure in life, the two don’t realize the quagmire they push themselves in. The bar owners and notorious male customers struggle to persuade them to give into the drinking culture. Eventually, things take an awful turn when the slight pleasantries and casual jokes exceed the boundaries, landing the two friends on a guilt trip.

Produced by the sea-saw films in Australia, this movie would address a universally recognized dreadfulness of a petrified woman at the hands of toxic masculinity and chauvinistic society.

While we bring further updates to you without much adieu, stream all the seasons of Ozark and join the Julia Garner fan club with us, exclusively on Netflix.

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