“I’m afraid to die”: Julia Garner Opens About the Changes That Ruth Went Through During the ‘Ozark’ Finale

“I’m afraid to die”: Julia Garner Opens About the Changes That Ruth Went Through During the ‘Ozark’ Finale

Julia Garner has been a hallmark in the industry through her outstanding contribution to television and network series. She’s acted in not less than sixteen popular American shows but the actress got her major breakout in the Netflix hit crime and lore thriller series, Ozark. Garner’s most fierce and reckless character Ruth Langmore stands worthy of all praise and appreciation for her role in the series. Recently interviewed by Queue, the actress opens up about Ruth and the drastic changes she went through towards the end of the riveting saga.

Julia Garner speaks on Ruth Langmore’s character breakdown

Answering Krista Smith’s questions the actress said whenever she prepares a script, she meditates and tries to ask herself insightful questions to completely give into her role. Garner says “Ruth was afraid to die” which comes as a striking contrast to her nature has been anything but fearful of death. Towards the finale of the season, somewhere deep inside her subconscious mind, she knew her character had to get rid of certain things.

Right when she was contemplating Ruth and her ending, she got the call from the showrunner, Chris Mundy, and knew it was the end. On being asked about Ruth’s unfortunate but anticipated death in the Ozarks, Garner said, It was Greek Tragedy. She really wanted to get out of that place. It’s not so much that Ruth knew that she was gonna die. I think she knew that she wasn’t gonna be an old lady.” 

Ozark’s underdog-turned-Queen Pin and her backstory in the show

Ozark‘s fourth season primarily focuses on the gradual detachment of the Byrdes from the Cartel and Ruth as the central character. The narrative slowly strives toward Ruth Langmore desperately trying to lead a normal, legitimate life after she has avenged the death of her cousin, Wyatt Langmore. With nothing else to lose and all to gain, she starts making amends with her broken life and dreams of being a wealthy landowner down in the lakes of Ozark.

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But things take an awful turn when Javi’s mother, Camilla, the present owner of the Mexican Drug Cartel comes to know about her son’s killer. She hunts Ruth up to her place finally shooting her down. Her soul-stirring gospel performances have aroused intense emotions among us all throughout the show. But our queen even in the final showdown with death didn’t budge from her true person till the very last moment, displaying real savagery of her character.

There are uncountable shows on Netflix that come and disappear into nothingness over the passage of time, but THIS one franchise has gone down in the pages of history. As a captivating thriller series running through the darker themes of crime and mayhem, Ozark has made its mark in the industry, permanently enhancing the face of television for once and for all.

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