Stranger Things’ Will Byers, Noah Schnapp Selects a Steamy Cardi B Song to Get Himself Out of Vecna’s Curse Like Max (Sadie Sink)

Stranger Things’ Will Byers, Noah Schnapp Selects a Steamy Cardi B Song to Get Himself Out of Vecna’s Curse Like Max (Sadie Sink)

Vecna’s curse was one of the most horrifying aspects of the new season of Stranger Things. To break away from the monster’s trance was almost impossible until Max discovered the only solution: music. Music has healing abilities, a natural painkiller. And is the only way to break free from the shackles of Vecna. And now Noah Schnapp has given his fans clear instructions on how to save him if he ever is caught up in the monster’s trance.

His instruction includes the particular song by Cardi B, which will save him in mere seconds. But what is the song that holds magical abilities for Noah? Find out the answer below.

The song that shall save Noah Schnapp is…

The discovery that music is the remedy for Vecna‘s curse was the most crucial one in Stranger Things‘ new season. It saved Max and will surely play a huge role in the coming episodes. That’s probably why Noah Schnapp has announced to his entire fandom what song shall save him in his new tweet.

Noah has let the world know that WAP by Cardi B is the one song for him that shall save him, just like for Max, it was Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill.

Released by Cardi B and featuring Megan Thee Stallion. WAP was the most popular song of 2020 and an internet sensation. So Noah choosing the banger as a cure for the curse is totally justifiable and a hundred percent relatable.

Many have responded to Noah’s tweet informing about their remedy songs. While for some, it is Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams, and for others, it is Rick Astley’s 1987 hit song Never Gonna Give You Up.

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How was the musical remedy discovered in Stranger Things?

Nancy and Robin penetrate the mental facility where Victor Creel is being held captive. He tells them that when, as a military veteran, he moved into his new house in Hawkins in the 1950s and began witnessing mysterious phenomena. His story is horrific, and it explains why his whole family died.

Despite the fact that he doesn’t say how he survived, the team hypothesizes that music is the only method to communicate with a trance victim based on specific indications from his experience.

They pass this information on to Dustin, who, accompanied by Lucas and Steve, tests it out on Max. Who at that point is on the verge of death. But as her favorite music blares through her ears, a passage emerges from Upside Down into the actual world within Max’s mind.

Which song shall you choose to break Vecna’s curse? Let us know in the comments.

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