Natalia Dyer Teases “There is some Nancy-Robin (Maya Hawke) stuff going on this season” in ‘Stranger Things’

Natalia Dyer Teases “There is some Nancy-Robin (Maya Hawke) stuff going on this season” in ‘Stranger Things’

Fans can’t stop making theories for Stranger Things 4, which is now less than a week from its release. The kids from the show are revealing small bits of information to fuel the speculations. The star-studded world premiere of the show was a talk of the town because every star revealed something or the other about the forthcoming season. Natalia Dyer spilt something crazy exciting.

Natalia Dyer addressed “Nancy-Robin stuff” as a reveal to Stranger Things 4

Nancy’s ex-boyfriend Steve had developed a liking for Robin, to which he confesses in the StarCourt Mall bathroom. That’s when Robin reveals she’s a lesbian and admits crushing on Tammy, their classmate. For Steve, it wasn’t great, but will Nancy take his candy?

In the interview, Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy, was asked about her increased screen time with Maya Hawke aka Robin, to which she said, “Oh my gosh yeah, there is some Nancy-Robin stuff going on this season which I was very excited to see in the scripts.” Almost directly indicating the romance or a clash between the two.

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She also referred to the ‘Creel House‘ which belongs to Victor Creel, the man who murdered his family because of the presence of a demon in the house. Nancy and Robin are to go on a search to disclose the mysteries of the Creel House. That’s where they’re likely to bond. It could be a big subplot to the upcoming season and the reason for increased Nancy-Robin screen time.

Nancy’s boyfriend, Jonathan Byers has left Hawkins for a safer stay in California; and the long distance between them might be helping Robin. Although since the fan favorite couple Steve-Nancy broke up, fans have been speculating their union. The trailer for the upcoming season too, hints at their friendship. Now it’s for the fans to see who between the three finally ends up with Nancy.

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Speaking of fan favorite couples on the show, the last season ended poorly for most of them. Mike and Eleven are apart, Hopper is assumed dead so Joyce is lonely too, Dusty-bun hasn’t met his cutie Suzie yet, and Max is mourning Billy, unable to even think of Lucas.

The next season sure could be scarier, darker and gorier but it’ll also hopefully give the needed romance to all these couples. Who is your favorite Stranger Things couple? Do let us know in the comments and if you want to catch up on season 3, here it is.

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