Finn Wolfhard Opens up About the Difficulties His Character Faces While Dating Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven on ‘Stranger Things’

Finn Wolfhard Opens up About the Difficulties His Character Faces While Dating Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven on ‘Stranger Things’

Finn Wolfhard is the main protagonist of Stranger Things. Eleven’s lover and a best friend to Dustin, Lucas and Will; Mike is a leader whose effortless intelligence doesn’t need an explanation. His love for Eleven is a mirror to his compassionate little heart; a resemblance to his rational and helpful self. As the only budding love story amidst the chaotic show, before Max-Lucas, Dustin-Suzie and Joyce-Hopper; Mike and Eleven’s happily ever after is more anticipated than any other.

Finn Wolfhard opened up about the difficulties Mike faces while dating Eleven in Stranger Things 4

The fan hype for Stranger Things season 4 is unreal; and the stars are giving interviews everywhere as a part of the promotions. The all-rounder Millie Bobby Brown, along with her co-stars Noah Schnapp and Finn Wolfhard, has made appearances on various talk shows, revealing little bits of the upcoming season. Millie even accused Finn of not accepting she’s his first kiss on one such interview. In a recent interview with ETCanada, Finn Wolfhard shared the difficulties his character faces while dating Millie‘s character, Eleven.

Finn was asked how navigating the long distance affected their characters and their relationship. He said, “I think it has definitely affected our relationship. I think there’s a lot of things that they both have to learn about themselves this season.”

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He went on to say, “Especially for Mike in order to have proper… you know the love that Eleven wants him to give, for all his relationships, in general.”  He also said that season four is a “coming-of-age story in a crazy horror thing.” 

Mike was the key to the Upside Down because he unlocked the secret behind it. He was the one to assign Will’s disappearance to Eleven, when none of his friends trusted her. His zeal to help anybody in need was reflected when he jumped off a cliff to save Dustin. He wouldn’t have been alive if not for Eleven.

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To Mike’s overt zeal of helping the needy, Eleven is the best partner. Only she could make sure his dangerous endeavors of solving things don’t harm him. Fans hope the new season doesn’t bring with it the agony of their long distance love. Do let us know in the comments which Mike-Eleven moments are your favorite. Also while you wait for the new Stranger Things, stream Netflix.



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