Natalia Dyer (Nancy Wheeler) Spills ‘Stranger Things’ 4 Is Getting Into “Mythology of Things”

Natalia Dyer (Nancy Wheeler) Spills ‘Stranger Things’ 4 Is Getting Into “Mythology of Things”

Stranger Things season 4 is less than a week away from its release on 27th May’22. Fans are taking the internet by storm with their theories and their craze for the show. Stranger Things has an intricate mythological plot that enables the masses to speculate on the upcoming season. The stars of the show are adding fuel to the hype by revealing small details of the new season in interviews and talk shows. Natalia Dyer aka Nancy Wheeler too spilled the beans on one such interview.

Natalia Dyer says Stranger Things 4 to get into the ‘Mythology of things’

The Stranger Things 4 world premiere was recently held in NYC where all the stars of the show were interviewed. Natalia was asked if there’s anything the fans should know about season 4.

She replied by calling the new season darker, bigger, scarier.  But that’s not all. “Not a spoiley thing but I feel like this season, we kinda start to get a little bit more into mythology of things,” added the actress.

Nancy Wheeler has a small character arc in the show but she is an important character because of her relations to the main protagonists Mike Wheeler, Steve Harrington, and Jonathan Byers. The trailer hints at Nancy and her ex-boyfriend Steve getting back together because long-distance has likely taken its toll on her and Jonathan’s relationship.

Is mythology the answer to the unexplained endings?

Stranger Things is the requisite mythology show in the streamer’s library. No other fan-favorite sci-fi show has as detailed a past as this Netflix Original. This past uncovers in bits throughout the show and is a buildable fan fodder. From the rules of the Upside Down to the Hawkins lab experiments, the show’s rich history is a never-ending revelation.

The answer to these unexplained endings lies in the mythology of the show, which even the scientists don’t seem to fully know as they scramble to close the opening to the other world but worsen the case. Eleven too is trying to find her identity, and what gives her the powers. Joyce and Hopper both tried figuring out what causes the opening to the other side, but nothing substantial came out of it.

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Fans know that the Demogorgans can enter people because Will threw up a tiny slug after his long stay in the Upside Down. It’s the same slug that grew up to be a Demo dog under Dustin’s care. What’s not known is if Will would indefinitely survive his traumatic stay.

The show by far has been a thrill even without complete revelations of things, but season 4 might just be the answer to every build-up of the show. If you aren’t up to date with season 3, watch it now.

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