Shawn Levy Calls Episode 4, ‘Dear Billy’ of Stranger Things 4 “A Sadie [Sink] Anthem”, Which He Directed

Shawn Levy Calls Episode 4, ‘Dear Billy’ of Stranger Things 4 “A Sadie [Sink] Anthem”, Which He Directed

Anticipation is building with every passing day as the day Stranger Things season 4 release date approaches. Fans in particular are very invested in Max’s (Sadie Sink) storyline. Viewers saw some pretty weird stuff going on with the gang and especially Max. Free Guy’s director, Shawn Levy had donned the director’s hat for season 4. He directed the fourth episode, titled Dear Billy, and even called it “a Sadie anthem”. It’s interesting how Sink, who joined the cast in season 2 had so quickly become one of the fundamental players. 

The Duffer brothers wanted to give Sadie Sink the spotlight 

Stranger Things isn’t the only acting credit that the actress has. Apart from that, her resume includes Taylor Swift’s All Too Well music video and Netflix’s Fear Street Trilogy. The actress has proved her mettle and has shown tremendous growth since season 2. The Duffer brothers noticed that as well and wanted to give her the Dear Billy episode. 

This, to me, is one of the core superpowers of the Duffer brothers. They have a plan. They always have a plan, but they always watch and adjust based on what the actors deliver,” Levy said.

Much like Sadie Sink, the Duffer brothers also gave the same treatment to Joe Kerry’s Steve Harrington. Since the actor “delivered” they wrote him in more. 

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Max has no time to heal from the strange occurrence at Hawkins 

Max is still grappling with Billy’s loss in season 4. She was always very reserved but had grown comfortable with the gang last season. But with Billy’s death, she is closed off even more. 

It’s almost like the life has been drained out of her,” Levy explained. 

Max’s high school experience doesn’t look good, and neither does her relationship with Lucas. The poor girl couldn’t catch a break as we see her levitating over Billy’s grave, and investigating on her own. She also spots the grandfather clock which is a bad omen. Even Matt disclosed earlier that she is in trouble. However, Sadie refused to spill anything more on the clock or even Vecna. 

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