“You guys will be yelling for sure”: Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp Prepare Fans for Stranger Things 4 “wild ending”

“You guys will be yelling for sure”: Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp Prepare Fans for Stranger Things 4 “wild ending”

Stranger Things season 4 is going to be epic. There is no denying that. Ever since the promotional tours started for the newest season, the whole cast has been emphasizing the fact that the new season will leave people in a shock. And every bit of new update like the high budget or the length of episodes was painting into that fact. But now Millie Bobby Brown herself has stated that not only the new season but the finale of the season will not be easy to take.

Previously it was the cast that made people aware of the new season’s darker tone. And now the lead of the show herself has some exciting things to say about the fourth season of Stranger Things. Let us see what Millie Bobby Brown had to say that makes the new season even better.

Millie Bobby Brown on Stranger Things season four’s ending

We are exactly a week behind the premiere of Stranger Things‘ highly anticipated fourth season. And things are getting warm. Few lucky people, including the cast of the show, have already seen the whole season and are now hyping the rest of us.

In one such interview, while discussing the new season and its grand scale. Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp were talking about the great visuals of the show and how they love the way the script is adapted to the screen.

In between their conversation, Millie is asked about the ending. The question she is asked is how will the people react to season four’s ending? Will they yell or cry? Millie, without any hesitation, replies, “You guys will be yelling for sure.” 

She then adds how the ending is something that no one ever expected and even calls it a “wild ending.”

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Interestingly her co-star Sadie also said the exact same words while describing an episode in the fourth season. But not the last one.

It is surely an interesting way of describing the finale and has made all of the fans impatient. After a wait of almost three years, we all just can’t wait for the new season to drop. However, we all will have to wait till May 27th for that.

Are you guys excited for the new season of Stranger Things?

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