Stranger Things Cast- What Are The Kids Upto as We Wait For Season 4? Where Are They?

Stranger Things Cast- What Are The Kids Upto as We Wait For Season 4? Where Are They?

Ever since Netflix announced that Stranger Things will be right back on our screens this summer, fans have been as jumpy as puppets. Hanging out with Eleven and her friends on their bikes, in malls, at the arcade, was all we would want to do when the series first hit the platform. Perhaps you might be wondering what these kids are up to now. If you are as keen on the whereabouts of the Stranger Things cast, we are here with some amazing news content to bridge the gap.

Here’s the list of some astounding Hollywood movies, shows, Netflix originals, and much more, that our beloved friends have been part of.

Millie Bobby Brown

Remember the mutant girl who could move things with her mind and was in love with eggo muffles? Yes, our beloved Eleven has been a part of many fascinating movies since last season, and you should check them out without a second thought.

Godzilla King of the Monsters

In the very popular Godzilla King of the Monsters, MBB played the role of Madison Russell. Though her parents are separated, they are on the hunt for the monsters. In this hunt, they drag their daughter as well and, as a result, she witnesses a plethora of monster fights.

She is also part of its 2020 sequel, Godzilla vs Kong. You can stream Godzilla King of the Monsters on Netflix.

Enola Holmes

Alongside Henry Cavill, Brown plays the role of the titular character, Enola Holmes, in the 2020 Netflix original mystery. The movie is based on books by Nancy Springer in which holmes, the younger one, of course, is on the mission to find her missing mother.

You can stream Enola Holmes on Netflix.


Damsel is another Netflix original fantasy film that stars Millie Bobby Brown as Princess Elodie. Brown’s another powerful female entity is fooled into marrying a prince just to sacrifice her to a dragon. But instead of waiting for her prince; our Eleven attempts to slay the dragon all by herself.

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Fin Wolfhard

The leader of the pack, Fin Wolfhard, is none other than Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things. But that’s not all. The SAG awards winner and very favorite of Eleven has made his mark in many more movies and shows.

It (2017)

The 2017’s It is an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name. Wolfhard plays the role of young Richie Tozier. In the likes of Stranger Things, monsters hidden beneath are threatening the life of Tozier and the surrounding people. The plot is also set in the 1980s and you will see children on bikes as well. If you are up for some terror, It is something you should definitely binge on.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

The handsome Mike also acted in 2021’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife. It is a follow-up to the Ivan Reitman Originals. In the American supernatural comedy film, a single mother along with her children discovers their connection with a ghostbuster who went on a mission to prevent the apocalypse. Starring as Trevor, he is one of the two children who discovers many thrilling things.

Apart from these hit Hollywood sequels, Wolfhard has also done plenty of voiceovers. These include the Canadian Howard Lovecraft series, The Addams Family, and 2022’s Pinocchio.

Gaten Matarazzo

Well, no doubt Gaten Matarazzo aka Dustin has been everyone’s favorite ever since the very first season of Stranger Things. But just like the other cast members, he too has been up to many things.

He produces Prank Encounter on Netflix. On this hidden-camera prank show, monstrous frights are hilariously revealed as pranks. Moreover, he has also done plenty of voice covers for many animated movies like Angry Birds and Hump. He also made appearances as an electrician in the adorable kids’ show Waffles and Mochi.

Notably, he also raises awareness about his condition using his fame. He is a victim of a rare genetic disease that has affected the development of his bones and teeth. He also raises funds for a non-profit organization CCD Smiles.

Caleb McLaughlin

Caleb McLaughlin plays the role of Lucas Sinclair, the most pragmatic character of Stranger Things. But he is not just the master of the wrist rocket and is much more talented. He is also super active and has made many acting works.

Concrete Cowboy (2020)

Caleb plays the role of the alienated son of Idris Elba in this Netflix project. In this lead-worthy role, he learns how to be an old-school urban cowboy from his father. Watching the father-son duo riding on their horses around the city will surely give you goosebumps. The story is based on the real urban African-American horse-riding culture of Philadelphia.

McLaughlin also appeared in Steven Soderbergh’s sports drama on Netflix as a member of the youth basketball team. He has also done plenty of voiceovers.

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Noah Schnapp

Noah Schnapp, aka Will Byers, is the smallest, most complex, and troubled member of the group. He starred in many movies and shows much before Stranger Things.

Abe (2019)

In this comedy film, Noah plays the lead role of a boy who is tired of his half Israeli half Palestinian family’s drama and tries to unite them through his newly found love for cooking. Long gone are the days of MasterChef kids. It is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Waiting for Anya

In this historical movie based on a novel of the same name, Noah plays the role of a cute French shepherd seen in a cape and beret. The thirteen-year-old Joe helps to smuggle Jewish children into Spain.

Further, in the young adult drama, We Only Know So Much, he plays Otis, the young crossword-fanatic son of a middle-aged couple. The couple moved in to take care of their old parents and the plots hence unfold are worth watching. Before being haunted by the Demogorgon, Noah also played the son of Tom Hanks in Oscar-nominated Bridge of Spies. Moreover, to prove his versatility, Noah also featured in 2020 comedy-horror film Hubie Halloween alongside Adam Sandler.

Sadie Sink

We all know Sadie Sink as tomboy Max from season one and two of Stranger Things. From skate boarding to stealing the hearts of Dustin and Lucas, she was a hit character of her times. Although we do not see her in season three, she is not limited to just two seasons of this fantasy series.

Fear Street: Part Two

Sandie played Ziggy Berman in part two of the horror trilogy, which follows a town cursed by a witch. Sandie proves herself and makes her path pretty clear in acting career through this bloody homage of 70s horror. However, it isn’t her first debut in the horror genre.

She played the role of a teen nurse in a 2019 horror drama called Eli. The movie follows an autoimmune deficient boy who is receiving care in a sinister medical facility. Looking ahead, she will play a lead role in 9/11 drama Dear Zoe as well as Ellie in the upcoming comedy The Whale.

She also appeared in internet breaking Taylor Swift videos, All Too Well. She has also appeared in movies like Chuck and The Glass Castle. Notably, she is a vegan and a passionate animal activist.

Apart from these children of Stranger Things cast, Shannon Purser aka Barb, who although lasted little in the series, has made some eye-catching performances in movies like Sierra Burgess Is A Loser and Wish Upon.

Suffice to say, the kids from Netflix’s Stranger Things cast have grown up into beautiful, handsome, and successful actors. Let us know in the comment section which of these movies or shows are you planning to watch first.

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