Fans Fear ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Like Fate for ‘Stranger Things’ 4 With Similar Wait and Episodes’ Length

Fans Fear ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Like Fate for ‘Stranger Things’ 4 With Similar Wait and Episodes’ Length

Stakes are at an all-time high for Netflix with Stranger Things 4. The show had an amazing previous season,s especially the third, which broke the internet. People not only consider season three the best Stranger Things season but a great season considering all shows. So naturally, fans have innumerable expectations from the fourth season.

However, with expectation also comes disappointment. And recently, this fear of being let down has been growing among fans to the extent they are debating it heavily online. But why? Why are the show’s loyal fans suddenly discussing the legitimacy of the quality of the show they have loved for all these years? Let us find out.

Will Stranger Things 4 disappoint?

By now, we all know that Stranger Things 4 is going to be different from other seasons. Not only different but grander than before. This season has the highest budget than the previous three and the longest episodes ever. However, all this resembles Game of Thrones season 8. It, too, had long episodes with a great budget.

Just like Stranger Things, Game of Thrones too got delayed. Duffer Brothers themselves have called season four their Game Of Thrones season to solidify their similarities further. 

So these similarities have made fans worried. They are scared that if the season they have been waiting for, for almost three years now, turns into a disappointment. The fear is so intense that many have started to debate it on Reddit.

One user says, “Game of Thrones S8 came after a massive delay, and the writers told us, “Don’t worry, sure it took us absolutely forever to give you this season but LOOK AT HOW LONG THE EPISODES ARE! It’s going to be worth the wait! And then it turned out that the reason the episodes were so long was because the writers were incompetent at telling a neat, coherent story.”

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While some are still recovering from the last season of GOT, others are hopeful about season 4 of Stranger Things and say, “In the recent ST4 interviews, there is genuine excitement protruding from both the actors and the interviewees who’ve been shown the episodes. Also, early reactions to the premiere episode were overwhelmingly positive.”

We will have to wait till May 27th to find out if things took a turn for better or worse. What do you think? Do these similarities smell trouble to you ahead of Stranger Things season 4 release?

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