“He’s gonna be on the frontline”: David Harbour Teases Jim Hopper’s Tests in Season 4, Flaunting His Customized Stranger Things Outfit

“He’s gonna be on the frontline”: David Harbour Teases Jim Hopper’s Tests in Season 4, Flaunting His Customized Stranger Things Outfit

Fans of Hopper know that they’re in for a treat in the upcoming season of Stranger Things as their favorite character will take the front seat this time. Not only did Hopper, played by David Harbour, get significant attention in the final poster of the season, but he also is in a place where he conveniently drives a third of the plot alone.

Now that season 4 of the Netflix series will follow three different plots in three different places, i.e., Hawkins, California, and Russia, we know that the way the season ended indicates that Hopper alone will take care of a lot alone. Actor David Harbour, who brings this brilliant role to life, is just as excited for the same as his fans are.

At the Stranger Things season 4 premiere, when everyone was out there dressed in their most elegant clothes, David Harbour decided to play it bold. The actor caught everyone’s attention with his sparkly suit that had some cryptic drawings if seen from the distance. A closer look shows us that it is actually the poster of season 4, along with some pretty cool designs showing the Mind Flayers on his pants. He certainly made a statement with his outfit, but that’s not all that he did.

David Harbour on Hopper’s role as the events of Stranger Things season 4 playout

The Stranger Things star broke a lot of news to the fans of the series. A lot of this contained things we knew already while others came across as a surprise. Since the Duffer Brothers had been quite vocal about how grim this season will be right from the beginning, we all knew that the tone will be very different from what we were used to, especially in season 3 as Eleven explored the fun in her teenage life with Max. Harbour confirmed these beliefs, describing the upcoming season as “quite horrific psychologically.” He added, “it takes a toll on a lot of people. There’s a new brain to the monster. It’s going to destroy people in all kinds of new ways.

As for Hopper, the actor said, “I think Hopper is in the crosshairs and needs to be a stronger warrior to fight this thing.” The reason for Hopper to be more vigilant in this season of the Netflix Original particularly is that “he is going to be really on the front lines.”

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What do you think about Hopper driving a massive part of the plot in the upcoming season and, of course, of David Harbour and his statement outfit? Let us know in the comments! Stream Stranger Things on Netflix.

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