Riveting Stranger Things Fan Theory Bridges Creel House to Vecna, the Grandfather’s Clock Has More to Do in Season 4

Riveting Stranger Things Fan Theory Bridges Creel House to Vecna, the Grandfather’s Clock Has More to Do in Season 4

With season 4, Stranger Things is encapsulating the world, and for all the right reasons. The show has been able to gain such a large fanbase that the show has a cult of its own. Now, as we all know, with every popular shows’ fan base comes equally amazing fan theories.

However, not all fan theories are true. But a new Stranger Things theory that emphasizes the importance of the Grandfather’s Clock is looking out to be true. And if that’s the case, then things are looking to be pretty awesome, to say the least. Let us take a look at this brilliant fan theory.

Creel House connects to the Upside Down in Stranger Things season 4

With a full video dedicated to the Creel House released early in Stranger Things season 4’s marketing campaign, it’s clear that this house will play a significant role in the show’s overall plot. The building’s apparent link to the Upside Down is one of the huge indicators in the first teaser showcasing the Creel House that this would be the case before seeing the main cast of the show explore the house.

The clip portrays a family moving into the house, with the dad confirmed to be a youthful version of Robert Englund’s character Victor Creel.

Following a brief scene of Victor Creel kneeling over his children’s motionless bodies. The trailer shifts to the main characters of Stranger Things season 4 investigating the house. But it is unclear what they are looking for.

The closing shot of the teaser displays a large grandfather clock from the home before revealing the same clock in the Upside Down. Complete with the red lightning and spores associated with the show’s representation of the other realm. This clock, as well as the Creel House, are linked to the fourth season of Stranger Things‘ trailer.

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Max sees the same grandfather clock wedged in the wall at school. With fractures comparable to those around the doorway to the Upside Down in the trailer. The Creel House is later shown in its entirety in the Upside Down. And surrounded by mysterious flying animals later in the same video.

All of this evidence connects Creel House to the Upside Down in numerous ways.

What is the history of Vecna?

The series’ new monster, Vecna, is another new element of Stranger Things season 4 that is strongly emphasized in the official trailer.

Vecna’s name comes from a Dungeons & Dragons character, as it has done with every major Stranger Things villain thus far, including the Demogorgon and the Mind Flayer. 

Vecna was a wizard who pursued black power and finally transformed himself into a dark, immortal demon. Given that episode 2 of Stranger Things season four is titled “Vecna’s Curse,” it’s reasonable to presume Vecna is the monster in the teaser, with the kids continuing the tradition of naming the creature after a character from Dungeons & Dragons.

There are a few pieces of evidence, though, that suggest Vecna was once a human.

For example, the Vecna’s name from Dungeons & Dragons literature is enough of a reason why it would make sense for Vecna to be exposed as a former human in Stranger Things season 4. But Vecna’s look is also important.

From the Demodogs to the Demogorgon to the Mind Flayer, all of the monsters of the Upside Down were fanciful and grotesque in appearance prior to Stranger Things season 4. Vecna, on the other hand, appears to be a humanoid in the Stranger Things season 4 trailer.

Another feature of Vecna is its ability to talk, which it uses to taunt the Stranger Things season 4 heroes who have been defeated.

All of this suggests that Vecna was once a human before being engaged with Upside Down in some way. And since the Duffer Brothers have said that fan theories are getting accurate. It makes sense that this theory might turn out true.

What do you think about the theory? Will it turn out to be true? Let us know in the comments.

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