Millie Bobby Brown Embarrasses Noah Schnapp Imitating Their Dance on ‘Stranger Things’ Set, He Laughs, “Don’t do it”

Millie Bobby Brown Embarrasses Noah Schnapp Imitating Their Dance on ‘Stranger Things’ Set, He Laughs, “Don’t do it”

Stranger Things 4 has provided us with so much mystery and thrill. Watching our favorite characters on screen after all this wait is so satisfying. The viewers are anxiously curious also about the next part. But till the episodes arrive, we all know that Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp are best friends, and we love watching them talk to and about each other. Shall we talk about how Millie embarrasses Noah in an interview? Let’s go.

Millie Bobby Brown, a funny dancer?

In an online interview with BBC Radio 1’s film critic Ali Plumb, Millie, Noah, and other cast members shared some funny moments, faced weird questions, and talked about behind-the-scene bloopers. While the fans are definitely crazy about the Millie-Noah duo, they’ve shared some very embarrassing moments during the interview.

When Ali asked them about their “go-to face when they cannot give an answer because it was about spoilers” faces. Millie being Millie started making the face, but Noah couldn’t understand the reference. While explaining to Noah, the Enola Holmes actress shared they had never come across such a question, but they do have something else.

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Confused? Yes, Noah was confused too. Millie says, “Noah and I have this thing on set when anytime we’re scared, we go *dances weirdly*.” Looking at the dance, Noah nervously laughs and says, “Oh! Don’t do this” before breaking into a fit of laughter.

Millie and her sense of humor

During this talk, Millie exposed how strong their bond was. She revealed that they make fun of each other’s performances as well. ‘Every time when he feels the Demogorgon, he always goes *mimicking Noah’s pose* Mom…’ says Millie, followed by a good laugh! She says that after that he likes to pretend to scream and throw things against the wall.

‘It’s nice belittling,’ adds Millie, and they giggle. Other cast members also shared some funny moments in this interview. They shared some of the dance moves that they would do on set and talked about the humorous moments they’ve witnessed when someone forgets their lines.

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All these funny little moments were cherished by them during this talk. These moments have brought them together as characters and as friends. Their fans ship all the friendships, especially Millie and Noah’s. Which is your favorite Millie-Noah moment? Which friendship do you ship the most? Let us know.

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