Millie Bobby Brown Has One Common Answer for All Questions on Her Favorites in ‘Stranger Things’

Millie Bobby Brown Has One Common Answer for All Questions on Her Favorites in ‘Stranger Things’

It is a fact that we all are big fans of the spectacular show Stranger Things, starring our favorite Millie Bobby Brown. She is an amazingly talented actress, and that is visible in her character, Eleven. There is no doubt that Millie loves her character and the show, in general. You can see this love in the way she gushes about the Netflix Original. But, there is something (or should we say, someone) that the 18-year-old actress loves more.

What or whom does Millie Bobby Brown love the most?

If you guessed Noah Schnapp, ding, ding! You are right. Millie has a beautiful friendship with Schnapp and is vocal about her love for her Stranger Things co-actor.

While on-screen, their characters complement each other, fans are going crazy over their off-screen friendship as well. One such example we see is that Millie had only one name in any of the questions asked about the favorite person on the show: Noah. After this video, you can’t blame fans for swooning over the wonderful bond the two actors share.

Fans are going crazy about their friendship. They ship the friendship so much so that they wish they had a friendship like this in their life too. Some fans have said that they wish they had the friendship that these two have where they can be weird, open, and comfortable with each other. On the other hand, some fans ship their friendship by appreciating the way Millie Bobby Brown pronounces Noah’s name.

Will all this love, we can’t wait to see the duo on-screen again.

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We will see more of Millie and Noah on Stranger Things season 4

Fortunately for fans, Stranger Things season 4 will be out in a matter of days, and they can see Millie and Noah’s onscreen friendship, complimenting the real deal, as they face bullies and common teenage problems. The duo along with their friends in Hawkins and family members (and in turn us, fans) will have an exciting journey awaiting them in the two volumes of the next season with a new villain.

As per Millie and her co-star Finn Wolfhard, the upcoming season will have everyone feeling intense emotions, as the gang reunites. It will also bring with it the darker side of Hawkins and the kids’ journey.

The plot and this beautiful friendship between Millie and Noah are certainly making us excited about Stranger Things season 4. What about you?

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