Sadie Sink Finally Gives a Name to Her Fandom, and It Is HILARIOUS and SAD at the Same Time

Sadie Sink Finally Gives a Name to Her Fandom, and It Is HILARIOUS and SAD at the Same Time

We live in a world of fandoms. The entire global population can easily be divided into at least one of the huge fandoms. For example, we have the Potterheads, Thronies, Warsies, and Marvel Zombies, just to name a few. But what’s the one thing they all have in common? They all have a name to identify with. So naturally, Sadie Sink also must have a name for her fandom. 

And we need to tell you she picked the most horrifying yet hilarious name for her fans. Here’s what her fans will be called from now.

Sadie Sink wants to call her fans…

Stranger Things just premiered its fourth season this year. As a result, Netflix Originals has a huge fanbase. While a common name for the fandom remains to be decided as of yet, there is no doubt that the fandom of Stranger Things has greater population than many countries.

Not only just the show even the series is loved by fans. That’s why fans of those actors now want a common name. So in a new WIRED Autocomplete interview, featuring Noah Schnapp and Gaten Matarazzo along with Sadie, fans of Sadie wanted to know what to call themselves.

While Sadie had no idea what name to give her loyal fans, Gaten suggested The Sinks but quickly dismissed it, saying, “that’s basic.”

Sadie, too, did not feel so great about calling her 15.9 million followers on Instagram Sinks. But as Sadie Sink, Noah, and Gaten were thinking, the cameraman shooting the interview gave the best name possible.

He suggested that all the fans of Sadie should be called: The Sadists. The whole room, including the crew, burst into laughter, and Sink was left in splits and speechless.

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The only response anyone could muster was Gaten’s “That’s awesome.”

Sadie followed on with the rest of the interview after confirming the new fandom name. She validated the term by saying, “Sure. I don’t. Sure.”

It is clearly a fun name and does somewhat meet her character Max’s initial sad and dull demeanor. But is it something that the fans will stick with in the future? We will have to wait and see.

Are you guys a Sadist? Let us know in the comments.

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