Sadie Sink Reveals The Upside To Separate From The Group In ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

Sadie Sink Reveals The Upside To Separate From The Group In ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

Since the announcement about characters parting their ways in season 4. Fans are left heartbroken to see the team scattered in three different locations. Since the Stranger Things will take place in Russia, Hawkins, and California which will separate them all. However, the character of ‘Max’ played by Sadie Sink has a different view of the separation.

There will no more be “sticking together,” says Sadie Sink

The season has revived after a long pause of 3 years with all kids as teenagers now. However, the new season has built some walls between relationships as characters are moving into new life. Eleven and Will moved to the desert city of California for a safer life, leaving Mike and Dustin back in Hawkins town. On the other hand, Lucas and Max are separated from each other after their massive breakup, while Max mourns Billy.

Stranger Things 4 is going to be emotionally challenging for every character.

“There’s lots of challenges that come with that; with not having the entire group together,” says Sadie Sink on the group being at different locations, dealing with their own problems.

Because now everyone has the space to be vulnerable without the distraction of supernatural stuff, at least in the beginning. With the friends apart from one another, there is going to be much more destruction and fear than before.

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Personal growth of characters in the new season of revelations

While the changing group dynamics in Stranger Things season 4 have alarmed the audience, Sink believes that the new season has a refreshing vibe to it because of the distance. This new chapter has given space to every character. They can explore new places and get to know about themselves. Moreover, this strandedness has put characters on the test of how much patience and understanding their friendships hold.

For instance, when some bullies intimidate Eleven at her new school in California, she cannot strike those bullies with her powers as she lost them in the last season. So all she has left is the fighting spirit that will help her in these situations.

And for other characters, Mike is surviving his distant relationship with his El and joins a Hellfire Club with Dustin. For now, all viewers can wish is that the new challenge might bring them even closer. Because they always find their way back to each other in the end.

Have you started streaming the massive vol 1 of season 4?

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