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Stranger Things’ Vecna Aka Jamie Campbell Swipes Right on Haunted Houses and Says, “I’m one”

Ever since the Duffer Brothers dropped the final volume of season 4, Stranger Things’ fandom hasn’t been able to stop going all crazy over the same. Jamie Campbell, aka Vecna, has been the focal point of the entire season. He’s the one who gave Vecna a face. Moreover, the most beloved and cherished addition of season 4, Joseph Quinn, has totally been a fan favourite.

Taking the cue, Esquire magazine decided to get the two stars in a video segment where they present their take on the 80’s fashion and more. Things got really spicy when Campbell remarked a one-liner over haunted houses. Let us tell you what it was.

Jamie Campbell calls himself a haunted house

In the Esquire video, Campbell and Quinn give their opinion on several 80s stuff, including Barbie. On being asked if Haunted Houses are in for the 80’s fashion, Jamie immediately gushed that it is and went on to say “I don’t know about you (Joseph Quinn) but for me, it’s definitely in.” He also added “I’m one.”

Based on the events of Stranger Things 4, there is no doubt that he is basically referring to the trance. When Vecna preys on his targets, he starts haunting their minds to the point that there’s really no escape. He takes them into his world, where he shows them the mirror of their guilty actions before finally gouging their eyes out and destroying the bones.

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That’s the reason he was called the mind flayer in the previous seasons. Like a haunted house that haunts anyone who lives in it, Vecna haunts people ashamed of their deeds in their minds. He creates a portal and sucks them into the trance, where he finally kills him.

Henry Creel’s childhood haunted house

In his childhood, Vecna as Henry Creel, with his parents and younger sister, moved to a house in the town of Hawkins. In the same house, where happiness lasted hardly a few days, he killed his own mother and left his father horribly blind for life. He was born with supernatural telekinetic powers and had a weird fascination with black widow spiders that the house sheltered. Since he was always labelled to be ‘broken’, different, and was often misunderstood just as the spiders, he found the life of black widows quite relevant to his.

Over the course of time his powers increased, and he finally turned the once beautiful house that felt like ‘a fairy tale’ into something worse than a haunted house. Unquestionably, he could have dealt with his childhood traumas in a better way, but it wouldn’t have turned him into Vecna after all. This creates an air of sympathy for the broken child, but it still doesn’t change the fact that he is Vecna and possibly irredeemable.

That’s most probably the dark comedy that Jamie Campbell hints at the viewers. It could be something more than what we think. Since season 5 is already around on the horizon, there still could be much more than what meets our eyes.

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While we wait for answers in the final season, let us know what you think about Campbell’s remark in the comments below.


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