Stranger Things v/s Cobra Kai – Which Netflix Show Has the Best Iconic Moments?

Stranger Things v/s Cobra Kai – Which Netflix Show Has the Best Iconic Moments?

Netflix has a range of shows that have given us some of the best moments to remember. Stranger Things, the supernatural sci-fi show, has given us a group of friends who would die for each other. Literally, one of the most loved characters from the show, Eddie Munson, sacrifices his life to save his friends from the devil. On the other side, we have Cobra Kai which has also given us a group of kids who would kill each other (not literally). The deep-rooted rivalry on the show has created some badass moments. Besides groups of teenagers, these shows have something more in common, which makes them both more interesting. There are some iconic moments in both the shows which would stay with us forever. Let’s explore them together.

Cobra Kai v/s Stranger Things: recollection of some iconic moments

The Netflix original Stranger Things represents the ’80s era. While Cobra Kai also has the shadow of the same era via music. The element of time is common in these shows. Yet, they are genres apart from each other. What makes these two shows worthy of binge-watching are those iconic moments. These moments also inspire us. Rotten Tomatoes created a video that includes some of these moments from both shows. Here is the faceoff between the two.

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For Stranger Things, the evolution of Eleven’s character deserves the credit for Millie Bobby Brown and those moments in which she got the chance to grow and reveal her true self. For instance, in season one, she flips a van. In the second season, the viewers find her closing the gate using her powers. Then, in the third season, she even removes a parasite from her leg. All these moments deserve a great deal of appreciation for Millie’s performance.

The chemistry between Eleven and her adoptive father figure Hopper is also a treat from the show. Even in extraordinary situations like hiding out from everything in a remote forest or when Eleven and Mike experience teenage energy while trying to save people around them.

But Cobra Kai wins point here in multiple ways, as the kids from the show keep us busy in their stories while they try to balance out their parents’ generation. The most iconic moment of the show is undoubtedly the All Valley Tournament that makes all the madness look like there’s some kind of spell. At the end of season one, the fights between Miguel versus Robby, in season four, Robby versus Eli, and Sam versus Tory are the most thrilling moments of the entire show. The show has always been about overcoming bullies and not just about karate fights.

But the fights continue to occur even in school, at the parking, and, of course, in the dojos. For example, when in season one, Miguel takes on a flock of sad sacks, or in season two, the massive school fight. Who doesn’t love Johnny Lawrence moments in the show? When in the first season he sees Miguel getting bullied, the first instinct is to fight those kids off. He finds it difficult to control the urge not to hit those babies, but he does.

While talking about the Johnny moments, how can we forget all the bitter-sweet moments between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence? After everything, did you ever dare to think that Johnny and Daniel would train together in the same dojo?

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Cobra Kai sure has its own pace but it cannot compete with Stranger Things‘ Indiana, the fate of the universe is at stake. All the emotional moments of a mother trying to connect with her son or the epic action of Mike jumping off the cliff cannot be beaten. Nor does the general look of fear while looking at the Upside Down.

So, who do you think is the winner? Share your favorite moments from the show with us and ask your friends as well. Don’t you think it is time to binge-watch these shows again?

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