From Hairy Steve to Eddie’s Master of Puppets Performance, Ranking the Most Amazing ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Moments That Rendered Us Speechless

From Hairy Steve to Eddie’s Master of Puppets Performance, Ranking the Most Amazing ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Moments That Rendered Us Speechless

Stranger Things season 4 captivated us with its full strength; from the first scene onwards of the season, where Papa gets ready for work, to the last, where our squad is determined to end it once and for all. The show fills your heart with warmth and love. It’s going to be one of those rare action dramas that people will watch for comfort in the future.

It’s hard to pick a few moments from the show as the whole show is a series of best moments. However, we have brought you some of them, which will make your day!

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Some moments are better than others

The script of Stranger Things has always been great. The show has relied on splitting off its talented ensemble before rejoining them for a satisfying final showdown. Although the pattern has become a bit predictable, it brings out the best in everyone. There are a lot of turning points and unexpected situations, like Eddie’s death and Max’s situation by the end. Even while the primary factions are spread out over three different locations, they’re all working together toward the same goal: disturbing the Upside Down and taking down Vecna, who has quickly developed from horrific creatures into full-fledged villains with personality.

It’s also a lot of fun to get nostalgic about a show that has always tapped into fans’ fondness for various forms of entertainment and pop culture. Joyce and Hopper’s reunion and Eleven’s return to full use of her talents are both fascinating to see. To surmise, all moments of Stranger Things season 4 are memorable, but some take the cake, and given below are such moments.

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Best moments from Stranger Things 4

Season 4 of the show had much to offer, and like us, Stranger Things Official Twitter handle pointed out the top moments of the season in a recent tweet. The list looks something like this.

  • CHAPTER 6- The Dive- Stever Hair-ington: This is the moment where Steve gets shirtless to dive into the water. Nancy is staring at him, which Robin notices. Her “I saw that” expression is priceless. Even Max is eager to watch Shirtless Steve.
  • CHAPTER 7- The Massacre At Hawkins Lab-Remember when, on the way back to Hawkins from the Upside Down, everyone else got out safely except Nancy? Nancy falls down into the nothingness and later ends up in the Hawkins lab, where Vecna shows her horrible things from Eleven’s past. That fall is a pleasure to watch, although it makes your jaw drop.
  • CHAPTER 8- Papa- Will’s monologue: One of the most emotional moments in the season is Will’s monologues. He shows Mike the painting he made and cries in silence so he doesn’t notice. It sure fills your eyes with tears.

  • CHAPTER 7- The Massacre At Hawkins Lab- Join me: Do you recall the moment, when Vecna asks Eleven to “join him?” A solid “NO” from Elevan in response feels like a tight slap on Vecna’s face. And her sudden attack on Vecna is an applaudable moment. This leads to the fact that the moral ground of Eleven has been raised since her childhood.
  • CHAPTER 2- Vecna’s Curse- The smack head “round the world”:  We were all extremely sad when El lost her powers. We were dealing with it when she began to be bullied.The sadness of her being powerless turns into rage.  So the moment she punches Angela, it feels like a punch to all the bullies in the world.
  • CHAPTER 9- The Piggyback- Jopper kiss: There was one thing for which people had been rooting since the beginning. Something has to happen between Hopper and Joyce. It broke our hearts when Joyce didn’t appear at the dinner at Enzo’s. We’ve been rooting for that kiss for so long that when it finally happens in the last episode, it automatically becomes one of the most wholesome things in the show.
  • CHAPTER 9- The Piggyback- The most metal concert ever: This season introduced Eddie Munson, and the most difficult goodbye we had to say was to him when he sacrificed himself. When he says, “This is for you, Chrissy” and plays the Master of Puppets, it gives you the spine chills.

  • CHAPTER 4- Dear Billy- The return of mad Max: When Max’s brain is all occupied by Vecna and we can sense that there’s know coming back, our heart stops racing. There were two best moments from this episode. The one where max writes everybody a letter. And, the second when she returns from the Vecna’s curse when Lucas, Dustn and Stever play “Running Up that Hill“.
  • CHAPTER 9- The Piggyback- The Reason we kept the door open 3 inches: We all knew somewhere that Hopper was alive and well. And when Joyce confirmed it, everybody breathed a sigh of relief. But the moment we confirmed it, we wanted him to meet his daughter, who needed him very much throughout. In the last episode, when El goes back to her old room and keeps the door open 3 inches, and when Hopper enters and they hug, that’s the most pure form of love you want to see and experience. The most amazing moment of the show.

You can revisit these moments from Stranger Things again. Let us know which one are your favourite.

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