Will Sam and Robby be Together in ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5? Here Are The Possibilities

Will Sam and Robby be Together in ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5? Here Are The Possibilities

Get your gig ready for some high-kicking fun as Cobra Kai season 5 hits the streaming platform on September 9th this year. A re-telling of the Karate Kid movies with a rather modern approach, the Netflix’s popular series has everything you ask for. Be it rip-roaring karate tactics, melodramatic exaggeration, high-school love triangles, or even the karate dojo triangles. The American comedy drama never fails to entertain its audience with its interesting and unique plotline.

Speaking of love triangles and relationships, there are many intriguing ships that has sailed and sank, and sailed again over time in Cobra Kai. The one that has specifically piqued fans’ interest is that of Miguel, Sam, and Robby. In the last four seasons, Samantha LaRusso, daughter of Miyagi-Do’s sensei Daniel LaRusso, had emotionally invested herself both with Johnny’s very first student and his son. But well, the writers showed red light to their romance every time it got a kick-start. And, ahead of season 5, fans have been actively ballyhooing Sam’s romantic arc.

Earlier the actress did confirm that there won’t be much about her love life this season because she has more important business than to worry about the boys. However, she also hinted at her character’s romantic endeavours, specifically with Robby Keene.

Will Sam and Robby get together In Cobra Kai season 5?

The last season of this series saw Sam’s relationship going through turmoil with almost all of her friends. And with Miguel going away looking for his dad, their relationship also seems to grow apart. However, Sam will get more time to spend with Robby, which might even lead to their relationship rekindling. In light of the fact that Robby also tips off favourably in the Cobra Kai season 4 finale and finally comes to terms with forgiving his father for his previous transgressions, it is possible that he will do the same with Sam and give their relationship another shot. But for the time being, their relationship is in a liminal state since their stars are simply not in perfect alignment.

Sam’s assurance that “people will be happy” with her choices suggests that the ambiguities surrounding her romantic relationships won’t last for very long. So let us just wait for a few weeks more until we finally get to know if Sam and Robby is a thing or its just us shipping their love in the Netflix show.

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What are your thoughts about it? Are you on team Robby or team Miguel? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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