3 Reasons ‘Space Force’ on Netflix Deserved a Third Season vs 3 Reasons It Ended for Good

3 Reasons ‘Space Force’ on Netflix Deserved a Third Season vs 3 Reasons It Ended for Good

There will be no third season for Netflix’s light-hearted comedy Space Force. Loosely inspired by the Donald Trump administration’s Space Force creation, the Netflix drama showcased a group of people working towards establishing the sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces. 

The show gained a lot of limelight initially as it marked the comeback of The Office duo Steve Carell and Greg Daniels. Space Force featured some notable actors, including Lisa Kudrow, Dianna Silvers, Malkovich, Schwartz, Jimmy O. Yang, Tawny Newsome, and Don Lake. However, just two months after the release of the second season, Netflix caused a massive upset for the fans by canceling Space Force

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Why Netflix canceled Space Force and why it could have had the third season

Why it was canceled: Space Force’s big budget

High production cost is one of the biggest reasons behind Netflix pulling the plug on Space Force. The streaming service shelled out a huge amount to make the show and present it to the audience. The fact that Steve Carell and Greg Daniels made over $1 million per episode only added to the financial burden.

In the middle, they also shifted the show from Los Angeles to Vancouver to reduce the cost. Moreover, Space Force didn’t receive much appreciation from the critics. Thus, the American streaming platform found it better to end it with two seasons. 

Why season 3 makes sense: The unsolved mystery of Angela and Chan’s relationship

Amidst all the political and office drama, Space Force season one highlighted a potential romantic angle between captain Angela Ali and engineer Chan. Chan seemed smitten by Ali and made noticeable efforts to be in her good books. The second season also shed some light on the relationship, but it was not good news.

The viewers learned that while the engineer was head-over-heels for Angela, she was not looking for anything serious. Chan made a plethora of efforts to woo his lady love. In the second-season finale, the two finally had a heart-to-heart conversation after getting stuck in an elevator for over an hour. Therefore, fans were eagerly waiting to see how the relationship unfolded, and love bloomed.

Why it was canceled: Striking similarity with Don’t Look Up

Space Force season two ended with the group discovering an asteroid heading toward Earth. Now, Netflix already has a film based on similar lines called Don’t Look Up. Released in 2021, Don’t Look Up revolves around Kate Dibiasky and Dr. Randall Mindy, who are on a mission to educate people about an asteroid hitting the planet Earth in a time of six months.

Both highlight the bureaucracies and socio-political landscape of the current society as the protagonist struggle to save people from coming disasters. Having two projects with similar plot lines might not have gone down well for Netflix, and thus, they decided to end Space Force for good. 

Why season 3 makes sense: No clarity over Maggie Naird’s prison punishment

The Space Force season one depicted General Mark Naird’s wife, Maggie Naird, serving a punishment in prison in Colorado. While Maggie made an appearance on the screen repeatedly, we got no proper explanation of her punishment throughout the two seasons.

Maggie’s daughter Erin and husband Mark were constantly in touch with her through video calls and in-person meetings. The showrunners intentionally created a build-up around Maggie’s life in person, but now it will always remain a big mystery for all the fans. 

Why it was canceled: A victim of cost-cutting

It is no secret that 2022 has been a tough year for the American streaming platform. They lost an alarming 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter. With a threat to the company’s global reputation, Netflix had to do some cost-cutting. Not renewing Space Force for season three was one of the tough calls the company made after undergoing its first subscriber loss in a decade. 

Why season 3 makes sense: How Space Force saved Earth from the huge asteroid

The second season of Space Force ended on a bittersweet note as the viewers witnessed an asteroid heading toward Earth that could cause massive destruction to humankind. Since General Mark and his group successfully dealt with Russian hackers, they recieved access to the Hawaii telescope. However, the first thing that they spotted through the telescope proved to be their biggest challenge.

The makers set the stage for season three by showcasing how an asteroid traveling at lightning speed could destroy all life on Earth. Nobody will know how the group tackles the asteroid with Netflix canceling season three of Space Force

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Are you happy with Netflix’s decision to cancel Space Force? Let us know in the comments. 

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