‘Heartstopper’ Crossover With ‘The Office’ Proves the Classic Sitcom Fits Every Context

‘Heartstopper’ Crossover With ‘The Office’ Proves the Classic Sitcom Fits Every Context

Every other week, we are fed with new shows on Netflix. But this does not take away our love for old classics. Some shows end up being an endless source of meme content way after it has ended. The Office has remained one such classic for all references with its perfectly relatable characters and dialogues that never get old. A recent post on social media featuring the hilarious collaboration of Heartstopper and The Office (US) only adds to this relatiblity.

The Office needs no introduction. The Steve Carell sitcom was a remake of The Office UK, featuring an annoying but good-hearted boss to a mix of equally weird and unique staff. Meanwhile, Heatstopper is a modern-age rom-com addition to the list of Netflix shows. And this recent collaboration between the shows proves how the 2000s sitcom fits in every context.

Fans went crazy over this edited photo of Heartstopper lovers

The Twitter account of Netflix Canada seems to have some creatively funny handlers. Their recent tweet showed Michael from The Office with edited faces of Nick and Charlie, the lovable duo of Heartstopper. The photo says, “I love you guys so much“. And fans are absolutely loving the collab, agreeing with the tweet in replies.

The moment in the picture is from The Office, a show that Netflix brought on its streaming platform on demand. In the episode, Toby, the HR issues a memo against Jim and Pam. Michael decides to put an end to the rumors by calling everyone in. Holding both of their hands, he announces their relationship saying, “Today is the day Jim and Pam become one. I love you guys so much”.

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In the tweets, the two lovers’ face is replaced by the Heartstopper lovers, referring to them coming out in front of the world as a couple.

One fan even joked that Netflix Canada got hacked by Heartstopper fans, and who could blame them?

The teen drama Heartstopper is a Netflix Original, based on the book by Alice Oseman Webconomic novel Heartstopper. It revolves around a shy high school boy having a crush on a straight popular guy.

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The series beautifully captures the journey of acceptance and love from an awkward hallway to Hellos to expressing love. It was released on Netflix in April 2022 and is now available to stream.

What did you think of this unexpected collab? Do you have your own version of it? Comment below.

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