Fans Are Gutted as Netflix Axes Steve Carell Starrer ‘Space Force’, Leaving It on a Cliffhanger

Fans Are Gutted as Netflix Axes Steve Carell Starrer ‘Space Force’, Leaving It on a Cliffhanger

It is time to play Kokomo at the highest volumes as the beloved Space Force has come to an end. Netflix has decommissioned the workplace comedy that reunited Steve Carell with Greg Daniels. The news comes as a shock to fans as season two of the show ended with a huge cliffhanger. And it shall now remain a mystery till the end of time.

Fans’ reaction to Space Force getting canceled

Netflix’s Space Force workplace sitcom has been canceled after premiering in 2020 as a fairly topical parody of the United States Space Force.

The second season premiered in February and followed the protagonists as they tried to adjust to a change in presidential administrations. The cancellation after the huge threat that presented itself in the season two ending surely has left a sore spot among fans.

Some of the tweets of fans showing their displeasure with the decision are

Fans are surely devastated that the show won’t be getting a third season. As seen in the reaction after a mild season one. Many felt that the show was finally going in the right direction. Many felt that the second season was far better than the first had was a great improvement.

However, Netflix had to make cost-cutting in order to have a long future.

But why was it canceled?

Well, Netflix very seldomly announces reasons for its action. But we can try to understand why Space Force was the next in line not to get a new season.

Viewership (along with critical acclaim) vs. cost is a crucial element in Netflix’s pickup selections. Therefore, the rating renewal hurdle is high for a costly program like Space Force.

Raising Dion, which premiered around the same time as Space Force and scored a position or two higher on the Nielsen Originals ranking, was also recently canceled by the streaming service.

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Greg Daniels will still be working with Netflix on future projects. Among his newest is the comedy show Exploding Kittens.

Were you a fan of the show? Let us know in the comments if you feel Netflix should have given the show another chance or not.

Meanwhile, both seasons of the series are streaming on Netflix.

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