Space Force vs The Office – Which Show Is Better and Why?

Space Force vs The Office – Which Show Is Better and Why?

When the news came out that Greg Daniels and Steve Carell were collaborating on a project, the internet went frenzy. People started wondering and speculating about the new show and whether it would stand up to The Office level. Now that we have two seasons of Space Force, we can compare the two shows. So let us see which of the shows is better. Ladies and gentlemen, it is the fight between two titans, Space Force vs The Office.

Let us put the two shows under different categories to determine which show emerges victorious.

Who is the ultimate prankster

Everybody knows and loves Jim. Some love him for his goofy looks to the camera, but most love him for his pranks on his co-worker Dwight. Pranks were one of the best parts of the whole The Office series, and fans to date re-watch all the pranks Jim and Dwight pulled on each other.

Space Force doesn’t seem like the place where office pranks will be considered a good thing. As it is a multi-million dollar government agency, any pranks will not be taken seriously. That is why we do not see any antics in the first season of Space Force. However, in the new season, Greg brought back the legendary office pranks, and we fans were delighted at this nod back. The gags were not as great as in The Office, but they were not bad also.

But if we have to choose a winner. Come on. No one beats the ultimate identity theft prank by Jim!

Michael Scott or General Naird

Now before you go and say Michael and make him the undisputed champion, try considering a few things. First of all, we all love Michael. The guy is a caring, lovable boss. But this was not the Michael The Office started with. In the initial season of The Office, Michael is self-centered and rude. It is only in the later seasons, as his character develops, he becomes a much better person than he began with.

But General Naird, from the moment the show begins, is a guy with morals, a loving father, and a faithful husband. He is the guy who tries. No matter how poor the odds are, he gives it his all. That is why fans root for him from the beginning, unlike Michael.

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Which show has better relationships

In Space Force, we have several flings, crushes, but no genuine relationships. We know that Erin had a little fling with Bobby and then Duncan. Naird was seeing a contractor Kelly, who was okay with him being married. And now, in season two, we have Chan and Angela trying to find out what they are.

But there is no real relationship, and even if there was, we don’t think there was anything compared to what Jim and Pam had. One of the beauties of relationships in The Office was how natural they felt. They had a long courting period to them. Nothing felt rushed, unlike Space Force, where we have had almost five off-on relations in just two seasons.

Space Force vs The Office: Which is funnier?

The Office has to be one of the funniest shows not only on Netflix but on any OTT platform. The writers did a fantastic job maintaining the comedic level throughout the nine seasons. The jokes were very creative and downright hysterical. If we talk about the comedy part of the two shows, then The Office has to be a clear winner.

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Space Force offers more than just comedy

It is no doubt that The Office had some great storylines that were entertaining and funny. But Space Force does something that The Office never did. The new Steve Carell show has a political undertone with comedy. It blends political satire beautifully with jokes, keeping the show funny and raising essential issues simultaneously.

We feel it is a little too early to give out a winner. For now, let us just enjoy both the shows on Netflix. Let us know what you like about The Office and Space force.

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