Space Force Season 2 Ending Major Threat Explained

Space Force Season 2 Ending Major Threat Explained

The new season of Space Force has been nothing except exciting, funny, and a massive problem for General Naird. The season begins with Naird’s budget being cut to peanuts and his precious Space Force asked to cut corners to match the new budget. Things are so tight that they had to cancel Dr. Mallory’s dream project, the Mars mission. So it is only befitting that the creators ended the season with a globe-threatening catastrophe. So let us take a look at what all happened in the Space Force Season 2 ending. Beware, Spoilers for season 2 ahead.

Big Things are happening for Major Ali and Chan

Yes, our beloved Captain is not a Captain anymore! Let us take a look at the relationship of Angela and Chan as of the last episode of the season.

Even though Chan and Angela did not get the dreamy start to their relationship we all and Chan hoped for, it looks like things might be taking a turn for the best. Throughout the season and until the last episode, Chan and Ali struggled to make their casual relationship work. Ali struggled with PTSD after returning from the moon, and Chan did not understand Ali’s state of mind.

And after Chan’s multiple failed yet brave attempts to win Ali, he finally considers moving on by accepting the job offer from Space X. But things change when in the last episode, both get stuck in an elevator during a system hack by the Russians.

Ali suffers from a panic attack in the elevator, and Chan consoles her and helps her remain calm under the terrifying circumstances. At that moment, they both open up about how they both feel responsible for not working the relationship out, venting out their feelings for each other for the first time in the season.

Finally, they both get out of the elevator, thanks to great theatrics by General Naird. They both decide to stay in Space Force, with General Naird promoting Ali to Major for her brave and commendable work on the moon.

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We feel that now they have a bright future ahead as they have solved their differences. It’ll be interesting to see how they will work out their relationship after the threat at Space Force season 2 ending.

What will happen to Dr. Mallory

Things were more challenging than ever before in Space Force. The budget was cut to the bones, their projects were snatched. And most humiliating of all, they were given the least respectable job in the prestigious Europa Project. So, it was justified when many of the Space Force members, including the brilliant Dr. Mallory, decided to leave the force and join SpaceX.

But, it did not turn out the way Mallory wanted it to. In the interview with SpaceX, Mallory and Chan (Mallory refused to join SpaceX without Chan) were asked to wear VRs to get a virtual tour of the SpaceX HQ. The whole virtual experience did not seem to agree with Mallory’s stomach. It gave him extreme nausea causing him to puke terribly in front of the interviewer.

Long story short, Mallory is dropped while Chan is given a job offer. This does affect Mallory as he feels he has no legacy, even though he is a brilliant scientist and genius (calling out the ruler calculation moment).

So, it will be fun to see Mallory saving the world in the future season, quite literally, as that may finally be the legacy he was hoping for.

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The Big Event at the end of Season 2

If you haven’t seen the last episode of Space Force season 2, stop reading, finish it, and come back! Major Spoilers ahead

It has now become a Space Force tradition to end their seasons with major tantalizing cliffhangers, and we love it!

This season just like the previous one ends with a significant cliffhanger. However, the stakes are higher than ever. All was going Naird’s way. The decision-making committee stationed him as the permanent head of the Space Force. Furthermore, he was given a new and glorious mission. Space Force was given exclusive access to the Hawaii telescope(in your face NASA).

But when they first look through the telescope, what seemed to look like dirt on the lens to Naird was actually a Giant Asteroid hurtling its way towards earth.

It will be a great new season of Space Force now that a world-ending catastrophe is emerging and the only one who can save us is General Naird and his “best team ever.”

So, let us sing ‘Kokomo’ by the Beach Boys and be sure to update your PCs as we await the next season.

What was your favorite moment from season two? Let us know in the comments below.

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