Space Force Season 2: Why Is General Naird’s Wife in Jail? What Did Maggie Do

Space Force Season 2: Why Is General Naird’s Wife in Jail? What Did Maggie Do

Audiences thought that they would surely get the reason for Maggie’s (General Naird’s Wife) imprisonment in Space Force Season 2 after the show did not reveal much about it in season one except her imprisonment duration. However, it looks like the writers are playing with our curiosity as they still haven’t given us a straight answer.

But the new season gave us some new information about her jail time. And a slight tease at the crime she might be serving her time for. Let us take a look. Warning Spoilers Ahead!

Why is Naird’s wife from Space Force in jail?

The first season ended with Maggie and her in prison lover, Louise escaping jail with Mark and Erin. However, freedom wasn’t theirs to celebrate, as when season two begins, we get to know that both Maggie and Louise are back in jail. Season two did not give us much information about why she was in prison, but they might have teased us.

In season 2, episode 6, “TheDoctor’ss Appointment” Erin converses with Astronaut Captain Lancaster. She tells him that her mom is in jail, to which he replies that his mother is in jail too.

As the conversation moves forward, Lancaster tells Erin that her mother was in jail for selling fake Estée Lauder products, and Erin replies that her mother’s” crime is”a little worse than that” before the scene gets cut. When we return to Erin, Lancaster, she is surprised that her mother just got 20 years(probably after Erin telling him what her mom did) and says they must’ve had a good lawyer.

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So it might be plausible that Maggie might’ve been involved in drug trafficking or fraud. As mentioned in season one, she is currently serving a 40-60 year life sentence, meaning she could’ve committed multiple felonies, which fits perfectly with what Lancaster said:” she only got 20 years for the”.

Mark witnessed against his wife

In an episode of season 2, while a  testimony for his fathers” honesty, Erin jokingly says that his father’s statement put her mother in jail. Naird agrees and says that if people break the law, they deserve to go to jail. This is something that was never revealed before and actually adds to the humor around General Naird.

Now that Maggie has filed for a divorce and Naird has custody of Erin. It will be exciting to see how their relationship plays out. Maybe Naird will use Maggies’ reason for going to jail as leverage for their future meeting.

Space force is currently streaming on Netflix do give it a watch. Let us know in the comments about your theories for Maggies’ imprisonment.


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