Home to Space Force, Ivy & Bean, and Mixtape, Netflix Renews the Lease for the Humongous Vancouver Production Center – Here’s Why

Home to Space Force, Ivy & Bean, and Mixtape, Netflix Renews the Lease for the Humongous Vancouver Production Center – Here’s Why

We live in a world where we have thousands of choices for almost everything. Just take the example of the streaming platforms, we have Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu just to name a few. So companies have to put in their hundred percent just to stay afloat let alone be as successful as Netflix. So obviously lot goes behind the curtains for Netflix to dominate the streaming market as it has.

Well, we cant give you all the secret ingredients to their success. But we might have a glimpse.

Netflix renews the lease for the Vancouver production center

Outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, the streaming giant has committed to a long-term production presence. The streaming behemoth announced this week that it has extended its agreement with Martini Film Studios for another five years. Since 2018, it has been filming there.

More than 260,000 square feet of filming space is available on the eight soundstages. They are only approximately half of Netflix’s production presence in the Vancouver region and are based in Langley, B.C.

A second site for the streamer may be found nearby at Canadian Motion Picture Park. The studio facility has seven soundstages. That site has been used by Netflix for slightly over 18 months.

Netflix will have almost half a million square feet of studio space in the Vancouver area thanks to the two deals.

Space Force, Ivy & Bean, Mixtape, Grendel, and Another Life are just a handful of the recent projects shot in the Vancouver region.

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How does it help the company?

The contract renewal suggests that Netflix is happy with the agreement’s outcomes, particularly the location. Other streaming services, such as Amazon and Hulu, have filmed in Canada in recent years with the same purpose in mind. In a very competitive streaming industry where new services emerge on a regular basis. All of the services strive to extend worldwide content to attract more users.

The smallest advantage in content generation, such as providing more or better alternatives, might make a significant impact on subscription numbers.

Streamers have moved production outside of the United States due to generous tax benefits granted in Canada in recent years.

According to the Canadian Media Producers Association, international TV and film production in Canada increased by 26% in 2018 over the previous year.

Netflix Vice President of Studio Operations Amy Reinhard said “With more than 60 Netflix shows and movies filmed in B.C. since 2018, we’re excited to be redoubling our commitment to the region as a production center,”

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