Space Force Cast Answers Fan Queries and Calls Themselves a “Funny Space Ensemble”

Space Force Cast Answers Fan Queries and Calls Themselves a “Funny Space Ensemble”

It’s only been six days since Space Force season 2 premiered on Netflix, and the cast has already been promoting it nonstop. The comedy series is about a new branch of the US military tasked with occupying the moon, created by Greg Daniels and Steve Carell. Recently, the cast of Netflix’s Space Force chatted with Screenrant after the debut of Season 2 of the show. They explain how Season 2 differs from Season 1.

Diana Silvers, Jimmy O. Yang, Ben Schwartz, and Tawny Newsome are among the cast members that spoke about the new season. Throughout the interview, the cast appeared to be at ease with one another and joked around.

Cast of Space Force discussed what changed between seasons 1 and 2

The interviewer Ash Crossan asked the cast what the main difference between seasons 1 and 2 was in terms of the show. To which Diana Silvers, who plays Erin Naird, Steve Carell’s teenage daughter, responded, “I got to actually be in the Space Force in some way and interact…” and Jimmy O. Yang said, “So season two, we really want to make it a more intimate, almost family workplace comedy.” 

Why is Maggie in prison?

When asked why Maggie Naird is behind bars, Diana, who plays the character’s daughter, said, “She was training exotic bees for the Russian government. It’s really that simple.” Maggie Naird, played by Lisa Kudrow, was sentenced to 40-60 years in prison for reasons that are still unknown, even after season 2.

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Space Force season 2 summarised in three words

After that, interviewer asked the cast to sum up the upcoming season of Space Force in three words, to Jimmy O. Yang and Ben Schwartz replied together:

Jimmy O. Yang: Hilarious.

Ben Schwartz: Nice. Keep going. You have two more, Jimmy.

Jimmy O. Yang: A hilarious cast.

Ben Schwartz: Got one more.

Jimmy O. Yang: Can I do phrases?

They both agreed on “funny space ensemble“. You can watch the rest of the interview here.

Season 3 is almost certain to happen, given how Season 2 ended on such a massive cliffhanger. Netflix has not confirmed this information, but fans are quite excited to see what happens next in this comedy-drama. Meanwhile, seasons 1 and 2 of the show are here to entertain us.

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