Is Diana Silvers From Space Force Related to Julia Roberts?

Is Diana Silvers From Space Force Related to Julia Roberts?

Recently, we all have been familiar with two names in the industry: Diana Silvers and one of the most favorite actresses of all time, Julia Roberts. By the style and fashion of Silvers, we can easily tell that she is adoring the fashion of Julia Roberts. Are they related somehow?

Let’s find out.

Diana Silvers and Julia Roberts both belong to the industry, but the only difference is that Silvers started her career, and Roberts is been here for a long time and has given us a lot of Oscar-winning performances. Diana Silvers admires Julia Roberts and wanted to be the next Julia Roberts. We can’t decline because many have come and gone. She probably won’t be the last one. But her performance in Booksmart, Space force, and Ma, it’s hard to argue with her blooming career.

Is Diana Silvers Related To Julia Roberts? Are They Family?

No, Diana Silvers is not related to Julia Roberts at all. She is a fangirl, who is walking on the steps of Julia Roberts. Silvers claims that her passion for acting comes with Julia Roberts. She admires and respects the career of Roberts. She claims, “Julia Roberts started around the same age that I’m starting, and that’s cool because I feel like I can look at her career choices and try to figure out her strategy. At the end of the day, the only real strategy is to take on roles that you’re passionate about and work with directors and actors who you want to work with, and just play interesting characters. That’s really the game plan.”

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Viewers might confuse her for young Julia Roberts. With her style, fashion, and passion for acting, the audience compared her with Julia. Besides Julia Roberts, Silvers also admires Michelle Williams, Cate Blanchett, Octavia Spencer, Viola Davis, Glenn Close, Saoirse Ronan, and Natalie Portman. 

Diana Silvers’ career

She made her debut with the 2018 thriller series, named Into The Dark. After that, she appeared in Glass, the horror film, Ma, Booksmart, Ava, and Netflix comedy series Space Force. Her upcoming film will be Birds of Paradise for Amazon, where she is cast alongside Kristine Froseth.

She might not be the second Julia Roberts, but she will surely be the first Diane Margaret Silvers.

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