Space Force Season 3: What To Expect And Possible Cast Members

Space Force Season 3: What To Expect And Possible Cast Members

Space Force Season 2 premiered on Friday, February 18th, after a long wait. That’s just over two years after the Steve Carell comedy premiered on Netflix in May 2020. Despite a lukewarm critical reception and diminishing buzz, Space Force returned for a shortened but no less entertaining second season. If you binge-watched the seven-episode installment, you might be wondering about season 3 and when it will release. You’ll have to wait a little longer to find out.

Space Force Season 3 predictions

Unlike its predecessor, Space Force season 2 clearly establishes a third installment narrative. Just as Naird was about to persuade the administration of the importance of their work, Dr. Chan spotted a massive asteroid heading toward Earth. But, before the show could reveal how Naird intends to deal with the impending disaster, the show ended, implying that it’s a storyline being saved for a possible Space Force season 3.

In terms of Naird’s love life, there is still hope that he will find a new romance after his divorce from the still-incarcerated Maggie. In other stories, Erin may take a gap year to forge a new path for herself, and Angela and Chan may finally begin dating after their heart-to-heart talk. There are various threads for the show to follow.

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Space Force Season 3 Cast

If Netflix decides to make a third season of Space Force, its core cast, led by Steve Carell, will almost certainly return. Surprisingly, Lisa Kudrow, who plays Maggie Naird, had significantly less screen time in season 2. She might get less screen time in season 3 as well. Unless something drastic happens to them, fans can expect Dr. Adrian Mallory (John Malkovich), F. Tony Scarapiducci (Ben Schwartz), Erin Naird (Diana Silvers), Captain Angela Ali (Tawny Newsome), Dr. Chan Kaifang (Jimmy O. Yang), and Brad Gregory (Don O. Lake) to all be back.

Space Force season 2 is now available on Netflix. Stay tuned for more Space Force season 3 news and more.

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