Twitter Expects ‘Emancipation’ to “Slap” as Will Smith’s New Movie Releases Its First Poster

Twitter Expects ‘Emancipation’ to “Slap” as Will Smith’s New Movie Releases Its First Poster

There are some people in the world who are bound to break the stereotypes of established notions. They emerge from within with a spark in their soul to change the narration of their story, while they create their whole life with the spark turned into flames. Will Smith is one of those people who tried to break many stereotypes in his career. The American actor first came to be a rapper. He set the trend in hip-hop and became The Fresh Prince.

However, when he started out as a rapper, he didn’t rap about popular gangster stuff as other rappers did. He had his own style and music that he firmly believed in. Even in his book and his discussion with Oprah Winfrey, he talked about how he was not “Black enough.” However, because of the Oscar slap-gate, the actor’s career was in trouble. While Netflix seemed to be in negotiations with the King Richard star, his upcoming film has created a lot of movement on the internet.

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Twitter experts’ opinions on Will Smith

The release of Emancipation is a big event for Smith after what happened at the Oscars. Despite him apologizing to Chris Rock and everyone that he hurt, his fans couldn’t see anything positive happening to the actor. But now that Emancipation is officially coming on a big screen, fans are happy and are sharing their own opinions as the poster was released on Twitter.

After seeing this poster and getting the update about the screening of the film at the conference, the viewers are wishing this movie would work for Smith. After the screening, the actor talked about how he rejected movies about slavery before and why he did this film. However, some fans stay divided in their opinions about the theme of Emancipation.

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Before you read their opinions, did you know this film is based on a true story? There was indeed a man named Peter who survived the wars. The scars on his back spread around the world and got a little idea about the conditions of the slaves.

This is how fans are reacting to the poster

After the slap-gate, some users took it as a positive event to see the actor on the screen. Some felt weird about the casting of the film. Slavery ended years ago, and many movies, shows, and books have been produced to display the conditions of marginalized communities. Therefore, some are saying yet another slavery movie is exhausting while others are looking at it as a reminder of being courageous.

Well, these are the comments by some users. How do you feel about the actor and this movie? Tell us in the comment below.


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