“A good comic is supposed to be aware,” Emmy Host Kenan Thompson Voices His Opinion on the Will Smith Slap Gate Controversy

“A good comic is supposed to be aware,” Emmy Host Kenan Thompson Voices His Opinion on the Will Smith Slap Gate Controversy

Oscars 2022 will be forever etched in the memory of all the viewers, actors, and broadcasters. The much-hyped award show got into an ugly controversy when The Fresh Prince actor Will Smith slapped the presenter Chris Rock during the live show. Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife, and it didn’t go well with the latter. Will Smith immediately walked to the stage and attacked the presenter. 

The unsettling and avoidable situation has been the talk of the town ever since the Oscars in March. Meanwhile, Kenan Thompson, who is all set to host his first-ever Primetime Emmy show, isn’t much concerned about the controversy. The comedian knows the difference between offense and roasting and won’t be crossing that line in his first Award show gig.

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Thompson gives his verdict on Will Smith and Chris Rock controversy 

Reflecting on the Oscar slap controversy between Will Smith and Chris Rock, Thompson added that a good comedian should always be aware of the scenarios. The American actor believes that there is a way to jab at people that don’t piss them off. Thompson clarified that he isn’t calling Chris Rock a bad comedian.

“I think a good comic is supposed to be aware. But it was so unfathomable that (Rock) didn’t know that was even coming. He would have never in his wildest dreams have imagined his friend of 30-plus years Will Smith would attempt some s**t like that,” Thompson said as quoted by Deadline

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Speaking about his plans for Emmy Awards on Monday, Kenan reckoned that he wouldn’t be hurting anybody’s feelings on the stage. His only purpose will be to ensure everybody has a good time. And they all laugh together, including the person on whom he makes the joke. 

The comedian will be careful to dig at the society in large of the shows or movies. But not at any famous personality sitting in front of him. Meanwhile, Will Smith was recently roasted by Rock over his apology video that he put up on Instagram. 

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