Who Are The Voice Actors behind Emmy Winning Series, ‘Arcane’?

Who Are The Voice Actors behind Emmy Winning Series, ‘Arcane’?

Arcane is one of the best adaptations of video games we have ever seen. There are so many things that make this an amazing show. For instance, the animation and visuals from the cities to the characters are just beautiful. The action sequence was also enjoyable. It never feels over the top or boring. It is pretty unique for each fighting scene and always hits the right note. Part of the success came especially with how expressive the characters were. 

Many shows rely on speaking information out loud to get it across to the audience. However, Arcane does not do that. It communicates everything it needs to through its characters’ facial expressions and body language throughout the scenes. Hence, the time has come when the voice actors get the recognition that they deserve. For all the fortes mentioned above, the show bagged an Emmy, and voice actors had a pretty good hand behind it. Let’s have a look at who they all were.

The list of voice actors behind Arcane characters 

Arcane had an amazingly talented and creative team behind the show’s massive success. Amongst the skilled voice actors, number one was whom you probably know as a singer or Hawkeye. Hayley Steinfeld, who voices Vi, is used to the mic and the camera. So, she didn’t find it too difficult to get into the voice acting zone. She did a lot of research before diving into the character and coming out with flying colors.

Number two is Ella Purnell. On the other hand, she cut off the internet entirely before starring as Jinx and pulled her own swing. Her voice was sheer intimidation since she has been in many magnificent live-action films like Yellowjackets, Star Trek Prodigy, and as young Maleficent. 

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Next was Katie Leung, who played the well-known character Cho Chang from Harry Potter, nailed as Caitlyn in this show. Following her, the show had Mia Sinclair Jennes, who voices Powder. Comparatively, this artist is quite young. Hence, to get the raw and emotional performances might have been a bit tough. Nevertheless, she was fantastic as Powder in the show. Mick Wingert, who is known for his impression of Kung Fu Panda Legends, and Tony Stark voiced Heimerdinger in Arcane

Following them, we had Kevin Alejandro as Jayce, Harry Lloyd as Viktor, JB Blanc as Vander, and Jason Spisak as Silco. All of them were so proficient with their work that they could literally play their parts in a live-action film itself. All in all, the show definitely blew our expectations out of the water. We are glad to add this to the list of a handful of best game adaptations. 

Which character do you think was voiced perfectly and why? Do let us know in the comments.

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