“Was That Will Smith?”: Chris Rock Took a Dig at SLAPGATE as Dave Chappelle Got Tackled on Netflix Is A Joke Fest

“Was That Will Smith?”: Chris Rock Took a Dig at SLAPGATE as Dave Chappelle Got Tackled on Netflix Is A Joke Fest

Everyone loves to have a good call back to something, don’t they? A witty call back to a joke or a subtle dig at a hilarious is something each and everyone one of us enjoys. And as it turns out, it’s something that Chris Rock enjoyed as well. In a rather serious and yet hilarious incident, Chris Rock took a subtle dig at the whole slapgate controversy when Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage while performing at Hollywood Bowl under Netflix Is A Joke Festival.

The comedian duo was performing in Los Angeles, as Netflix is organizing one of the biggest events for comedy in the city. It was during one of these performances that an audience member made it to the stage and tried to attack Dave Chappelle. According to reports, the attacker was carrying a knife as well as a gun.

Chris Rock takes a dig at Oscar slapgate as Dave Chappelle is attacked on stage

While the incident was a pretty serious one on its own, the comedians themselves were not that intimidated by it. Chris Rock took to stage after a little while when the attacker was taken into custody. And to hilariously brought back the memories of the Oscars 2022. We all remember how Will Smith hit the comedian when he made a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

“Was that Will Smith?” Chris Rock asked while the audience members erupted in laughter. And to be fair, it was not just the audience, but Chappelle himself, who let out a laugh as well.

Dave Chappelle himself took this opportunity to land a punchline, which looks like his way of releasing the pressure and getting out of the uncomfortable situation. Chappelle said, “It was a trans man.” This is again a subtle reference to the controversy that went down with his special The Closer.

We all know there were a lot of memes when the slapgate controversy happened first. Do you think this Dave Chappelle incident will inspire a similar set of memes? Let us know in the comments below.

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