Will Smith Continues Damage Control, in Negotiations With Netflix for a Tell All Biopic

Will Smith Continues Damage Control, in Negotiations With Netflix for a Tell All Biopic

Whenever we hear about the Oscars, we think about all the great movies and actors who have received recognition there. We also think about those who didn’t get the recognition that they deserved. Many iconic moments have been created at the Oscars. And now when we hear about the Oscars, we also think about Will Smith, Chris Rock, and that heated moment.

At the 94th Academy Awards, Chris Rock was on the stage and he jokingly talked about Will’s wife. While hosting the event, Rock said Will’s wife Jade looked like G. I. Jane because of her bald head. This comment by Chris made Will angry, and he got up from his sit angrily. He went up there on the stage and slapped Chris, right there and then, for passing that joke. Since then, he has been banned from attending the Academy event for 10 years. However, he apologized to the fans, his fellow nominees, his family, and especially to Chris while staying away from the limelight. But now, reportedly, the King Richard star will be back with Netflix in a biopic.

Netflix will tell the story of Will Smith

After the slap-gate, Smith lost many major projects. Even David Letterman added a disclaimer at the beginning of an episode that featured Will, in My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. However, his fans have seen the man apologizing openly and admitting his mistake. Now that the dust has settled a little, Netflix feels it is the right time to talk about it again with a different approach.

Reportedly, it is claimed that the Academy Award-winning star was negotiating with Netflix about a film about his life. He wanted to follow his life after the physical blowup with his old friend, Chris Rock. The pivotal moment in Will’s life will absolutely be a part of the biopic. Netflix is interested in starting the conversation about the slap-gate again with another approach. Let us all wait and watch what happens next.

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However, Chris Rock hasn’t replied to Smith’s apology. He said to Smith he was not ready to talk. Whenever he would feel ready, he would come to him and they would have a clear and open conversation about it. Fans of Smith are waiting for the day to come and everything to be fine again. Are you also a Will Smith fan? What do you think about this all-tell biopic by Netflix? Share your views with us in the comment box.

One thought on “Will Smith Continues Damage Control, in Negotiations With Netflix for a Tell All Biopic

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    Ricardo Paxton
    August 29, 2022 at 7:06 am

    Chris Rock shouldn’t have talked about Wil Smith wife, period!! In front of millions that’s the joke you choose on a special night like the Oscar’s. On Wil it’s open season!! But his wife NO!!! ANYONE who sticks up for Chris is full of turd sauce!! I personally would have made it look like a joke though and be laughing 😃 after the slap. Boy I was just playing. It’s just a joke you know we friends. I had to getcha back Chris is how he should have played it. Walked off the stage goofy like. But my man didn’t control his emotions. You can be angry but play like you’re not. I would not apologize again though. Once is enough. Chris wanted to embarass Wil so he couldn’t do it directly so he did it indirectly to his wife. That’s why you play back jokingly but not angrily!! Think, think and think. Now you go back and clean it up with those who listen. Sincerely listen!! Smart move is to stop hiding. Be out and about. Pop in anywhere!! Go to schools share your wisdom and experiences. STOP HIDING!! Do your podcast. Talk about controlling your emotions to kids and adults. People say words don’t hurt is full of crap!! Kids commit suicide over words online or in person!! I have stories on that one. So stand up Will for kids who can’t!! Teach them to be strong inside!! Insulate to repudiate stupidity!! Just thoughts from an old guy!!

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