THIS ‘Cobra Kai’ Scene Didn’t Make It to the Show and Fans Certainly Are Disappointed

THIS ‘Cobra Kai’ Scene Didn’t Make It to the Show and Fans Certainly Are Disappointed

After the four seasons of Cobra Kai, we know that the show has hurt some very epic fight sequences. From Miguel vs Robby to Sam vs Tory, we have seen almost all of the good fighters being put up against each other. However, the supporting characters couldn’t receive as much attention. One of these characters who is also a brilliant fighter is Piper Elswith. Cobra Kai director Jon Hurwitz shared glimpses of a fight between Piper and Robby that didn’t happen.

But first, who is Piper?

Fans who might have seen the series a long time ago would’ve forgotten Piper. Well, we wouldn’t blame them for it. She was a minor character that didn’t have too many consequences on the plot, unlike newer additions like Stingray.

The first time we saw Piper in the Netflix series was at Moon’s party. Right after Moon and Hawk had decided to end their relationship, Hawk seemed to regret his choices. All of this became even more visible when he ran into Moon and her girlfriend, Piper. Since fans were too focused on Hawk at the moment, Piper seemed to be the last thing on their mind.

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When do see Piper again in Cobra Kai?

It wasn’t until Johnny and Miguel were out to recruit students for Eagle Fang that we saw more of this character. Although she initially liked the idea of joining Eagle Fang, Piper ended up at Cobra Kai, where we see her finesse. The character, despite only a few weeks of training, showed excellent potential. None of this came as a surprise to viewers of the Netflix Original as they knew she was the star athlete of the school.

However, as interesting as the fights between Samantha and Piper, and Tory and Piper were, seeing her fight Robby would’ve been all the more engaging. While there are no released clips of this fight, here are the few BTS scenes Jon Hurwitz has shared on Twitter:

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With two more seasons of Cobra Kai on the way, we might just see this fight come to life. Stream Cobra Kai on Netflix and stay tuned for more.

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