Here’s a Sneak Peek Into Hawk’s Character Transformation in Cobra Kai

Here’s a Sneak Peek Into Hawk’s Character Transformation in Cobra Kai

Every significant story is incomplete without a character development arc. Speaking of character developments, how can we forget one of the most badass character growth in a Netflix series? Cobra Kai, being one of the most entertaining shows on Netflix, has one of the best character transformations in a TV series. The guy fights like a badass and soars like a Hawk. Yes, Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz is going to take you on a wild ride, from being a nerd to Karate Champion.

Hawk’s Cobra Kai transformation through the seasons

Cobra Kai teaches you a lot of things through the experiences, and challenges faced by their various characters. However, some of them strike a chord in the fans’ hearts. Eli Moskowitz is one of those characters. Let’s see how this kid earns wings of confidence to be a Hawk throughout the four seasons.

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Initially, being a nerd along with his friend, Demetri, bullies targeted him often. His shy nature and introverted personality certainly didn’t help him avoid being bullied. However, he undergoes a drastic change after joining the Cobra Kai dojo. Sensei Lawrence’s harsh teaching and principles instill confidence in him. As a result, the next day, he turns up with a mohawk and a Hawk tattoo on the back.

But he lets his dark side take over, as arrogance builds up in him. After Sensei Lawrence’s departure, Sensei Kreese’s crude mentality buried his kind nature underneath. He turns on his friends, ruthlessly beating them, feeling superior while doing so. The Eli they once knew seems to cower inside this new personality.

Rebirth of the kind Hawk

At the end of the third season, the poisoned mind of Eli cures itself. Cobra Kai invades the LaRusso household and starts a big fight with Samantha and her friends. Meanwhile, Hawk introspects himself and the choices he made after joining Cobra Kai.

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This marks the change of Hawk, as he looks to atone for his sins. His friends, Demetri and Moon, push him to be a better man than he ever was. He joins Miyagi Do and learns defensive styles under Daniel Larusso and goes on to be the 51st Boys All Valley Karate Champion.

We expect to see a new kind, Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz, in the upcoming seasons of Cobra Kai, helping his friends and using Karate for self-defense instead of rage. We certainly loved Hawk’s transformation and growth throughout the seasons. Do you? Let us know in the comments below.

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