WATCH: Samantha Turn Into an Eagle Fang as She Takes On Piper Lawrence Style in Cobra Kai Season 4

WATCH: Samantha Turn Into an Eagle Fang as She Takes On Piper Lawrence Style in Cobra Kai Season 4

As weird and topsy-turvy 2021 was, we sure ended it on a brilliant note by streaming Cobra Kai Season 4 on Netflix. The Karate Kid spin-off is sure one of the best things that have happened to us, and it is a gift that keeps on giving. The brand new season was truly breathtaking, almost as if Hawk kicked us right through our chest.

We had some really beautiful moments through the course of this season. Including but not limited to Hawk vs Robby, that amazing prom fight, and of course, Johnny and Daniel working together. But one best moment in Cobra Kai Season 4 came when Sam took on Piper, and she let all hell break loose upon her.

Cobra Kai Season 4 – Sam vs Piper

In the ninth episode of the season, titled “The Fall”, Samantha LaRusso locked horns with the new Cobra Kai recruit and Moon’s ex-girlfriend, Piper in the Quarter finale of the All Valley Karate Tournament. Piper, as we know, was always very competitive and was hell-bent on winning this thing. She even knew every move of the Miyagi-Do karate, thanks to a little training from Daniel’s student Robby Keene.

Piper took this one little detail and bragged about it, saying, “Robby said Miyagi-Do is for defense only. And without your defense, you have nothing.” Little did she know that Sam actually trained under two extremely talented senseis, and both of them have a unique style of their own.

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Sure, Miyagi-Do is all about defense and that is all she learned from her father, Daniel LaRusso. But she trained under someone else too; a certain someone called Johnny Lawrence, the best fighter Cobra Kai ever produced, and the founder of Eagle Fang Karate. Johnny taught Sam how to attack, and attack only to win.

A proud sensei of Sam, Johnny Lawrence

The second Piper spoke about Miyagi-Do and her defensive style, Sam looked over both her shoulders. As if remembering everything Daniel and Johnny taught her, and with reassurance from them, especially Johnny, Sam walked past Piper like a piece of cake.

It was beautiful to see Sam celebrate the victory, but what was more alluring was to watch Johnny Lawrence looking at her like a proud teacher. Samantha is a natural Eagle Fang, and one can honestly see that in every single strike she hits.

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