Eagle Fang in Cobra Kai – Everything You Need to Know About the Dojo and Its Members

Eagle Fang in Cobra Kai – Everything You Need to Know About the Dojo and Its Members

theyJohnny Lawrence losing Cobra Kai to John Kreese was one of the most unexpected things to have happened in the series. Like most other shows, fans expected the protagonist to win after endless difficulty. This twist was no less than Ned Stark being decapitated in Game of Thrones season 1. However, Kreese’s victory led to the birth of Eagle Fang, a better, improved, and more humane version of Cobra Kai. Here’s all you need to know about the dojo:

What is Eagle Fang named after?

Rivalry against John Kreese has been the main hurdle between Johnny Lawrence and peace for three seasons of Cobra Kai now. Fans thought he would not be around after he loses the fights, along with his chance to get Cobra Kai back. However, as season 2 unravelled, we saw Kreese win. It was vengeance against Kreese and the motivation to win against him that made Johnny name his dojo Eagle Fang:

“… if we’re gonna be taken seriously, we need a name that commands respect. A name that elicits power and dominance. Cobras are strong. They may be king of the jungle, but the world’s more than just a jungle. And there’s only one animal… that can kill a snake.”

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Who are the members of Eagle Fang?

While Johnny started Cobra Kai with only one student, the beginning of Eagle Fang was definitely an improvement. Johnny’s students in Eagle Fang include:

  • Miguel Diaz
  • Mitch
  • Bert
  • Dirk
  • Devon
  • Two unnamed students who formerly trained at Johnny’s Cobra Kai

Although not currently a member, Eagle Fang also had Eli Moskowitz (Hawk). Their training partners include the students of the Miyagi-do dojo when Johnny and Daniel join hands to defeat Kreese at the All Valley Tournament in the upcoming seasons of the Netflix Original series.

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How is Eagle Fang different from Cobra Kai?

Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy.

This was the motto of Cobra Kai during the time John Kreese was running it. Johnny revived the dojo but stuck to these words. The man did not want to change his intense ways of training. Despite his passion for it, he still saw the martial art as a mere combat sport.

However, this changed after the formulation of his other dojo. Eagle Fang is much less intense than Johnny’s Cobra Kai and infinitely less brutal than Kreese’s version of the dojo.

If you haven’t yet seen the series, this is your cue to go stream Cobra Kai on Netflix right now!

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