“We’re Putting Personality Into the Fighting”: Cobra Kai Cast Talks About the Most Epic Action Sequences in Season 4

“We’re Putting Personality Into the Fighting”: Cobra Kai Cast Talks About the Most Epic Action Sequences in Season 4

After 3 amazing seasons that constantly woo fans, the cast of Cobra Kai is still getting increasingly better as we can see in season 4. Despite their lack of experience in Karate, they have consistently made sure that they put in their all to the show, especially the fighting sequences. We saw some of the best combats in Season 4 as the All Valley Tournament inched closer. Here’s what the cast had to say about their own and their coworkers’ performances:

How much Karate does the cast of Cobra Kai actually know?

Considering how much fans adore the fighting sequences of Cobra Kai, it comes across as a surprise that most of the cast doesn’t actually have a lot of experience in this martial art. Apart from Tanner Buchanan, the team’s best, and Jacob Bertrand, none of them has any fighting experience past the training they received in the show.

Even veteran actors William Zabka and Ralph Macchio only have fighting experience as far as filming goes. As for protagonists Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) and Samantha (Mary Mouser), they have limited experience too. The same goes for Peyton List and other actors.

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What changed in season 4 of Cobra Kai?

As mentioned, the cast of Cobra Kai doesn’t really have much Karate experience. Even Tanner and Bertrand do not qualify as “karateka”. Despite this, they have never failed to deliver their very best. Zabka and Macchio are 56 and 60, respectively. The actors’ lack of experience in the martial art makes their performance in the Netflix Original even more impressive.

Season 4 of Cobra Kai surpassed its precedents greatly, as we watched the series set the stage for the All Valley Tournament against Kreese’s Cobra Kai. ‘Bigger and better‘ seemed to be the motto of Cobra Kai season 4, especially in terms of the fight scenes, and fans couldn’t have loved it more.

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We all take a great deal of pride in being there and doing it for ourselves,” says Macchio. Considering how the show is heavily dependant on its fight sequences, it certainly doesn’t seem like an easy task. Zabka added to this saying, “a lot of nice bruises here on the forearms and some pulled muscles here and there.”

With this in mind, one can only say praise the actors, their performance, and their sheer professionalism in this Netflix series.

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