“That Was a Rough One”- Cobra Kai Cast Talks About the Prom Pool Fight Scene in Season 4

“That Was a Rough One”- Cobra Kai Cast Talks About the Prom Pool Fight Scene in Season 4

As a martial arts comedy show, Cobra Kai has always been known for its fight scenes. Well, that was obvious as a martial arts offering needs to have its fair share of fights. For 37 episodes, all of them took place on land. And in episode 38 of the Netflix Original, fans got to witness the prom fight that kind of showed that Cobra Kai succeeded in their efforts to upset their opponents’ mental balance. 

While the scene was fun to watch and fulfilled a TV series/ film tradition of diving into a pool at prom, the actors had to go through some troubles to bring the Cobra Kai prom pool fight scene at Stingray’s house to life. 

The prom took place just around April or May in California, but the shoot took place in freezing weather in Atlanta. Tanner Buchanan, Peyton List, and Mary Mouser spilled the beans on the same in a chat with Entertainment Tonight. 

Buchanan said, “To the prom night fight, whole thing, it was a very long night; it was… I mean I can’t say anything, cause I was in a suit…It was very very cold for me, so I can’t imagine like what it was for them.” 

In response, Mouser, who had a pink dress in the scene, laughed as she elaborated, “It was like 30 degrees outside, and the pool was heated at the beginning of the night, but not by the time we went into it. That was a rough one. But it was so worth it.”

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It indeed was, as the moment the first punch was thrown; many fans may have been counting down the seconds before one of the characters would hit the drink. 

The Cobra Kai Season 4 prom pool fight scene switched the ideologies of Sam and Tory

While Tory with her Cobra Kai background was the one to strike first, she took a backseat in Cobra Kai Season 4. Partly due to her probation, and partly because of her promise to Amanda LaRusso. 

Meanwhile, Samantha LaRusso kept breaking out and striking first as she really took the teachings of Johnny Lawrence. What emerged during the Arcade fight scene in Season 3, came to a head in season 4 and was on display at the pool party. 

Sam struck first and Tory responded, prompting Robby Keene and Miguel Diaz to jump into the fray for what was almost a repeat of the High School Battle in Season 2. 

The switch of ideologies that reached a pitch in the finale will be intriguing for Season 5, especially as Nichols has shown hints of remorse and backing down. 

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Until that glorious day where Cobra Kai Season 5 graces Netflix, we can look to re-watch Cobra Kai on Netflix and memorize every dialogue and frame to ensure that moments in subsequent seasons do not catch us by surprise.

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