Why Stingray is Creepy Yet Hilarious and a Key Character in Cobra Kai?

Why Stingray is Creepy Yet Hilarious and a Key Character in Cobra Kai?

The fourth season of the hit Netflix series, Cobra Kai, premiered on New Year’s eve. Fans were delighted to stream the latest season as they missed rooting for their favorite characters on the show. This season marked the return of someone, a badass guy we missed in season 3. The life of the party, Stingray, Cobra Kai‘s creepy yet hilarious character.

Cobra Kai’s eccentric character

The series navigates through drama, fights, life lessons, and emotions. However, the show offers us a great dose of humor as well. One of the most hilarious characters on the show is Raymond aka “Stingray”, played by Paul Walter Houser. Unlike the other adults on the show, Stingray possesses a wholly distinct set of qualities. 

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He is a messed-up individual who seeks validation from high school students. Having no significant skills or prospects in life, he joins the Cobra Kai dojo. Johnny Lawrence accepts him as a student, only looking at him as a paying customer. Many viewers may find Stingray creepy, hanging a bit too much around the kids, inviting them to have a party at his house with drinks, and not having any adult friends. Although it may sound creepy, he genuinely cares for the students and considers himself as one of their peers. Thus, more often than not, his creepiness of involving himself with kids appears hilarious to the fans of the series.

In the fourth season, he faces nothing but demeaning words from Sensei Kreese when he returns to the Cobra Kai dojo, to which he innocently replies, “Wow what? But sensei, I’m, um, one of the guys, you know“.

One more example of him being creepy but appearing cool is after the prom, when he invites the kids to his house for an after party, “So Stingray’s got a move for ya. My place. Come to 7010 Halbert, tell everybody, okay?” said the adult.

So, despite being fairly out of place at the Cobra Kai dojo, he quickly became a fan favorite, as the creepy yet hilarious character of the show. 

However, there is more to him than meets the eye, as he is always down to helping his fellow peers. He hosts parties at his house and helps in school fights, well the latter situation didn’t end well for him as the school fired him and placed a restraining order.

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Will Stingray prove to be a key character in Cobra Kai?

Stingray isn’t a mentor figure like the rest of the adults on the show. However, his sheer determination is commendable. In the fourth season, Stingray is willing to get beaten to a pulp to join the Cobra Kai dojo. Furthermore, he can prove to be a key character in season 5 as he can blow the whistle on Terry Silver if he changes his mind.

You know the thing about stingrays is, they lie in wait for the perfect opportunity to strike!” is a famous line from Raymond. Frankly, the above dialogue could perfectly fits his character’s role in season 5. For, who knows? The Cobra Kai fan-favorite hilarious character might surprise us all.

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